I met the super lovely guys from Yurbuds UK at the Reading half Race Village and got chatting to them about their headphones. I had heard a lot about Yurbuds from other runners because, in short, everyone had been raving about them and rightly so. They’re specialist sport headphones that promise to never fall out and provide superior sound quality. I’m a fan of running with music and pesky headphones falling out is a pet peeve of mine so I was keen to test Yurbuds out for myself.

The first thing the Yurbuds team did was measure my ears to get my ear size. Like a foot size, but for ears. I didn’t even know you could have an ear size and so this was quite exciting in itself.

I had size 4 ears, which is the same as my feet! This pleased me because simple things please simple minds. They then explained the way the earphones work and why they don’t fall out. They’re designed with silicone covers over the headphones which sit in the ear. When you put them on you feel as if they’re not quite in properly and, ironically, feel as if they’re going to fall out. The covers are designed to avoid nerve ending in the ear so they’re super comfortable and don’t make your ears ache. Once you’ve got used to the slightly loose feeling they feel light and you honestly don’t notice them when you’re running. The silicone covers also mean they’re water resistant, so you can sweat away and run in the rain and they’re not going to get ruined. To me this is a huge bonus as water has been the main downfall of all of my running headphones as I LOVE running in the rain.

Yurbuds very kindly gave me this pair to test out and it’s safe to say that I love them! These ones have a super fancy kevlar cord which means they’ll never break and dont get tangled. I think this is amazing as it addresses all the classic problems you get with headphones – broken plastic covers, wires poking out and tangled headphones getting caught up in my handbag (because who has time to neatly wind them up?). I can throw them in my training bag or handbag and just pull them out when it’s run time, no messing.

The sound quality is also great – when I first used them I plugged them in to my iPhone which was fixed on the same volume I’d had with my apple headphones on my way home. Safe to say I blew my brain out of my head it was so loud and, once I’d brought it down to a normal volume, the sound quality was crisp and clear too. That said, they allow ambient noise, which means when you’re running outside they won’t completely block out the sound of traffic. A key safety concern and again, a problem with other headphones that has been thought through and addressed.

I absolutely love these headphones and would recommend them to anyone who listens to music when they train. I’ve run around, cycled and just plain stood there shaking my head and there hasn’t even been the slightest hint that they’d fall out. I went for a sunny 4 miles one morning last week with my Yurbuds and my iPod shuffle clipped to my top and it was so hassle free, they didn’t bother me at all and I forgot I was wearing them until I got in and went to get undressed. Awesome.

Yurbuds will be at the Brighton marathon expo and are also joint sponsors of the She Runs Windsor 10k (anyone running that by the way?!) but if you can’t catch them there you can always find them on twitter @yurbudsUK.