You Are Not Big Boned

Just saw this on twitter via and thought it was amazing.


It really makes you appreciate the amount of strain excess weight puts on your body. Obviously, this is an extreme example, but it definitely made me stop and think. What did it make you think, I hear you ask?

I think it’s horrible. 

Is it PC to say fat is horrible? I don’t really care. Society sees no harm is chastising size zero models and hounding celebrities for being willowy waif like slips of skin and bone, but seems to skirt around the issue of obesity using euphemisms like “heavy frame” and “solid”. A celebrity weight loss or a candid shot of a model looking bony on a beach will make headlines, with harsh and merciless accusations of eating disorders and vanity. It’s far, far less often you see celebrities who are overweight being given the same treatment, as if it’s OK to accuse someone of not being able to feed themselves but heaven forbid you’d accuse someone of eating too much cake in case you hurt their feelings. I know there are exceptions – Tyra Bank was dragged through a media circus when she gained weight, and there have been odd soap stars who’ve been snapped and splashed all over the tabloids looking a bit worse for wear. Clare Nasir springs to mind…

Before and After (

I digress. My point is, being underweight and being overweight are just as dangerous as each other. Yes, bodies are different, and no, I’m not saying everyone should look like Demi Moore or David Beckham at the beach (I definitely don’t), but obesity is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. It’s all too easy to say “It’s the way I’m meant to be” or “I’m big boned” and to carry on doing the easy thing – eating shit and doing shit all.

Excessive body fat is not OK. A sedentary lifestyle is not OK. Society needs to promote these messages, rather than tiptoeing around the subject. I’m not saying we should start hating obese people, or that anyone who is overweight should start to hate themselves – you should love yourself, and have confidence in who you are. Part of this is loving yourself enough to treat your body with respect and nourish it properly – do not underfeed it, do not overfeed it, provide it with minerals, nutrients, vitamins. This is the message that needs to be sent out.

Rant Over.