Workplay Bags

The lovely people at Workplay bags sent me their Fleetfoot II running bag to review! I am not being paid to review it and they have asked me to be honest in my thoughts, so; here we are!

My first impressions were that, well, it was a bum bag. Whilst I can appreciate the practicality I can’t say that I’m a fan of the aesthetics of a bum bag. It’s a very nice bum bag; well made, subtle all black styling and ergonomically designed to fit feminine curves. I was not, however, altogether sold on the idea from the off.

When I got into it, though, the bag actually had some pretty nifty features.

1. There is a gap between the main compartment of the bag and the waist strap, through which you can feed a water bottle or a running jacket, to keep safe whilst out on the run. Storage bag and hydration belt in one!

2. The bag has a tag on which you can write your name, an emergency contact and your blood group. I thought this was a great safety idea. Running itself doesn’t have that many inherent risks but unfortunately there’s still plenty of scope to have an accident, and these three pieces of info will prove a huge help to anyone finding you or attempting to help you.

3. The main compartment was very roomy and I had plenty of room for all my run essentials. There is also an opening in the top right of the main storage pocket through which you can feed your headphones, which means you can keep your ipod/phone/other unbranded mp3 in the bag, completely eradicating the need for one of those annoying sweaty armbands! Genius.


These features are all well and good but if it’s no good on the run, there’s very little point. I took my Fleetfoot on two test runs; one on the Thames path in London, and one along Beachy Head in Eastbourne.

Please do not judge me on how creased my kit is.

First things first – it really didn’t look bad! I was pleasantly surprised about how subtle it was. I like to wear loose shirts when I run and can find that a) as a small one they drown me and b) they flap about when I run, which is very annoying. The adjustable waist strap gave me something to tuck my shirt in to and solved both of those problems – genius!

I initially tried the bag with the water bottle inside but found that this altered the fit of the bag. It’s designed to be curved so that it sits perfectly on the hips, and it really is very comfortable! The addition of the bottle altered this form fitting shape and I found that it wasn’t very comfortable, which was a shame as I thought the feature was a brilliant idea. Still great to sling a jacket through though!

The bag is well padded and very light, and I barely noticed I had it on. This was great as something I really love about running is the freedom, and to have all my things with me but still feel free was a huge plus point.

It stayed snug on my hips during my run. There were a few points in the cross-country run where it bounced up off my hips, and I had to push it back down and pull in the waist strap. It was a particularly bouncy run though!

Overall I was really pleased with the bag and will definitely be using it a lot in the future. It’s great for distance training as you can take all your essentials – energy gel/bites/bars, keys, phone, money etc – without feeling weighed down, which is important when you’ve got 15 miles to smash.

The Fleetfoot comes in black and pink and you can find out more about it on the Workplay bags website! They have also put together this nifty little video talking through the features of the bag;

I love it and would really recommend it to anyone looking for a bag for on the go, especially long distance ladies!