So, by some stroke of unexpected yet very much welcome luck, I have managed to win not just one but two competitions in the space of five days. I rarely enter competitions and am ridiculously impressed with my 100% record for the past week. Think I might have to go and buy a lottery ticket before this luck runs out.

This competition was to bake a giant gluten free snack and was run by the charity Coeliac UK. I have followed a gluten free diet for a fair few years now and have found Coeliac UK a very helpful resource; excluding a major ingredient such as wheat or gluten can be very daunting and many people feel that they just don’t have enough options when it comes to meals. Coeliac UK provide support and advice for those excluding gluten and/or wheat from their diet and I’d recommend hitting up their website if gluten-free is the way you live their life.

I entered the competition because I’d always wanted to bake an oversized treat ( anyone?) and so was pleased I had finally found a legitimate excuse to do so. I once made my boyfriend a giant creme egg for Easter and it was EPIC and I wanted that massive-snack high all over again. I roped my boyfriend in and we baked a massive macaroon, and somehow won!

Anyway, this is not a post to boast about my competition winning prowess! I just thought I’d share the good news and also the link to our winning photos – they really make me laugh and it makes my day to know they made other people smile. I hope they make you smile too!

Sneak peak into macaroon hilarity…

Bonkers Mad

You can find the full (captioned) set here;

I cannot stop laughing. Enjoy!

PrettyFit xxxx