Week in Sweat (3)

I’m starting to realise that I could probably fit more workouts in if I was more organised. With remembering kit, remembering food, remembering to eat at the right time. (Side note: does anyone else get so hungry that they get a really bad tummy ache? Sometimes I get it so bad that I can’t stand up. Once it comes on I’m pretty much a write off. It’s really awful and annoying). Anyway!


After having what felt like a useless week I went out on Sunday to run with Dayve. We ran 10km off road in Epping Forest. I cannot believe I found it so hard! God, I felt absolutely exhausted. It was really fun though. I love running with Dayve because he gets bored just running so he’s always looking for a hill to race up, a puddle to splash through, a log to jump over… a bit like running with an over excited puppy. He also pushes the pace past my comfort zone, which is really good for my progression as I need to stop running so slowly.

I managed to keep the pace below 9 minute miles for the whole run, which was amazing as I cannot remember the last time I managed that! I find it hard to believe that I am the same person who once ran a whole half marathon at sub 8 minute mile pace, and I hope I can get back to seeing some 7-something minute miles by the end of the year. Lots of work to do between now and then though!


Today I went to the gym after work, maybe at around 8:30pm. I did 45 minutes core and upper body workout, working on my tricep dips, followed by 15 hellish minutes with the foam roller. As well as being a much faster runner, I also used to be able to do unassisted tricep dips and chin ups. It’s time to get back to that. Currently my tricep dips are very assisted, but all progress is progress!


Legs now ridiculously sore after Sunday’s trail adventure. We had a friend from university staying so I left work at a reasonable time and went for burgers and cocktails. Delightful.


Legs still very sore. Regretting not stretching. Intended to go for a run, but the weather was awful so I decided to hit the gym for some mobility work instead. Ended up getting ridiculously hungry so just had dinner and massaged my legs at home. I massaged my calf muscles for about an hour (they were very sore) and I am so glad I did – they felt much better after this.


I set my alarm for an early morning workout but slept through it, as always! I don’t know why I bother. After work I joined adidas for a Supper Club in Victoria Park celebrating the opening of The X, their new temporary workout space in Victoria Park. The space is gorgeous and I love that they’ve lit up the park so that you can run through at night. It was great to see some other ging babes and to chat the night away with Charlie and Claudia.

Not entirely sure why I chose to wear tight leather trousers to a three course meal, but it was a mistake. 


I went for a run after work. I finished for the weekend at around 7:30 and so headed for 5km down by the river at about 8pm. I love running down by the river at night; it is so so beautiful. After about 5 minutes my legs were hurting so I stopped and stretched off, and after that I felt a lot better. I forgot my watch, but I felt pretty strong and feel like I’m definitely making progress.


I got up at just before 6am for an early morning shoot with Greg Woodward in the Olympic Park. I did a lot of running and stretching, but I think it would probably be stretching it a bit to class this as a “workout”. I ended up in shorts for most of the shoot and after about 2 and half hours felt pretty frozen to the core! I warmed up in Counter Cafe with Dayve and then headed off to look after my nephew for the day.