Week in Sweat (2)

Another busy one this week! Terrible fitness wise, but in the interests of transparency and all…


I spent all day doing chores, while the sun was shining and my social media feeds were filled with sunny run photos. Then, when the sun went down and it started absolutely pouring, I went out for my run. Dayve and I went for 5k along the canal and it went terribly for me; my legs hurt and my stomach was not playing ball. Not good, but I went!


This week has been so mad that I can’t remember what happened on Monday. Sorry!


I went out for a run after work and it went horribly! Bit of a theme this week…! I felt sick and my legs were absolutely dead. I stopped after a mile and headed home for pancakes and foam rolling.


Up just before 6 to get to an early meeting on the other side of London. All day on site at a client’s offices, before heading back for a 5-7 meeting at my own office, and then heading out to Canary Wharf for a completion dinner with some more clients. Also known as the most exhausting day ever.


Full day at work before having to head off early for an event I was attending at the adidas store on Oxford Street. I was speaking on a panel with adidas athlete Jazmin Sawyers, instagram health gers Twice the Health and Women’s Fitness editor Joanna Knight. The event celebrated the launch of their new women’s specific shoe the Pure BOOST X. We answered questions on running, ging, London life, nutrition, music and motivation. I also took this shoe selfie in a mirrored box, but someone else took it, which was very Kim K of me.


Friday morning was an early start for my weekly session at the Running School. It was a tough one this week, with longer running periods (working on endurance with my technique) and some steep inclines. Coach Nick said he was happy with my progress and has no concerns about my technique, so this was great news! I think worked until 8:30, because Friday nights are for doing cool shit like that right?


A total disaster of a day involving a missing sofa delivery and a lot of home organisation. I didn’t make it to the gym.

So, that’s three sessions, one of which was a total disaster and can barely even be classed as a session! Hopefully the coming week will be kinder.