Wadi Bih 2014

In lieu of a full race report (currently too tired to do it justice), here are some of my favourite photos from the race on Friday. In short, a team of five of us took on 72km through the Hajar mountains, climbing 1000m off road and then running all the way back again. It was, hands down, the best running event I’ve ever done.

Sunrise reward for our 5am start

Car cheering is an important activity

Running up a mountain two weeks after your first marathon? 100% badass behaviour.

4/5th of the team waiting for Rob at a checkpoint

Goat pals

Part of the climb, before it got suicidal

Support car and crew driver Ralph (real name definitely not Ralph, but best not to ask ey? He played bangra trance and had epic mountain driving skills)

Soph’s Striders 1000m high!

Happiest runner bean in the world at the top of the mountain, before taking on the first leg of the descent