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Hello all!

A quick favour to ask you all. My life partner in crime Dayve is undertaking an epic sporting event on Saturday – a 12 hour football-a-thon! They’ll be playing 20 minute games with 2 minutes rest between each match for TWELVE HOURS STRAIGHT. They get a small 20 minute lunch break and that is all. The distance run across all the matches is further than a marathon and these boys will be on their feet from 7am – 7pm.

This mammoth tournament is all in aid of Tackle Africa, a charity aiming to promote HIV education in Africa through football coaching programmes.

Dayve took someone elses place this week and has been set the not insignificant task of raising £200 before Saturday! If you can spare a few pennies I would really appreciate if you would help him meet his goal.

You can donate through his Just Giving page.

Thank you! xxxx

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Fancy doing a free yoga class in the middle of Trafalgar Square courtesy of Lulu Lemon? Of course you do!

As part of Canada Day (I know, I didn’t know it existed either) super cute canadian sportswear brand Lulu Lemon are leading a free mass yoga class in the middle of Trafalgar Square.

Canada Day is Sunday July 1st, with the class starting at 3:45 for a whole hour of yoga goodness. I’ll be down there with my yoga mat getting my zen on – see you there?

You can find out more on the Canada Day website. Sign up by emailing akane@lululemon.com with your full name!

Namaste! x

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Hello lovely people who bother to read my !

Sorry for the radio silence recently, currently taking my final exams EVER at law school and am up to eyeballs in boring books about banks and financial regulation. This time next week I will be free and you can expect lots of super content from me (I promise) including a lovely running bag, some new sexy kicks and a cheeky rant.

Today is my birthday and so, as a gift to myself, I’m taking a half day off from revision (don’t tell me I don’t know how to party) to do the things I like best – run around, lift heavy things and go climbing.

When I’m super busy I find it hard to squeeze in exercise (mainly because I feel guilty about not working 24/7) but then find myself getting even more stressed having not had my endorphin high. How do you make time for exercise when you’re busy?


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