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Did you read my post on making realistic new years resolutions? If so, how are you getting along? Research suggests that just 8% of people manage to achieve their new years resolutions, which is a pretty measly figure if we’re honest. Now that we’re well in to 2015, I thought I would check in to see how you’re getting along and report back on my own resolutions.

So, how am I getting along? My resolutions for 2015 are:

1. Improve my swimming – I am taking part in Swimathon this Sunday! So far in training I have hit 1000m, which is over double my previous distance PB of 400m, so I’d say that one was coming along nicely, thank you very much.

2. Get a new half marathon PB – Ah. This one is more of a work in progress and, if it happens, will definitely be later in the year. I’ll have to admit that I’ve been a bit slack on my speed sessions, so I need to get back on it.

3. Get a new 10k PB – Also a work in progress! Eyes are on the Nike Women’s Race in London on June 21 (riding with my crew, Ride or Die) to make this happen.

4. Get back on a scary road bike – I’m taking part in the 25th Anniversary of the Windsor Triathlon as part of team Human Race and as part of my training will be getting back on a racing bike! I am terrified but plans for this are definitely in the pipe line. Fingers crossed for no broken bones this time round.

At a third of the way through 2015 (a THIRD) I’d say that wasn’t bad progress at all, with further work to do over the coming months. How are you getting along?

My friends at Holland and Barrett have put together a slider showing the average differences in health between December and January (aka, the effect of the New Years Resolution). If you’re slipping on your way to achieving your health or fitness goals, here’s a reminder of the wonderful effects that healthy living can have!

Holland and Barrett provided me with store credit to post about their new years resolution slider. Mediocre resolution performance all my own. 

Other cool stuff:

For the record, I had a lot of fun at the Currys juicing event last night. There were lots of pals there ( pals in real life is one of my favourite things about ging) and I even met some new pals too. We did a rad body conditioning class over at Urban Kings – it was full of sweaty topless men and smelt terrible (can’t decide if I loved or hated this) and Derry from Temple Training had put together a killer circuit. We did lots of burpees and it was cool. I also got to play with a juicer which I have never done before, which is pretty cool too.

Right in the middle with my teeny orange shorts. They were a mistake.

Did it change my mind about juice fasts? No.

Did it make me want to shop at Currys? Not really Currys in particular, no, but I think it’s great to see a big company reach out to people interested in health and fitness and pay attention to what they’re interested in.

Did it make me want a juicer? Yes – they are absolutely ferocious. I know if I owned one though I would break it by trying to pulverise non-juicable objects. Also, juice is delicious and I love the idea of being able to chuck in whatever I want. I juiced strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, green apple, carrot and spinach and it was delicious (yes I ignored the vegetables because vegetable juice is gross).

Did I have a lovely time? Yes, and I am grateful to both Currys and Greenlight for their hospitality. It was a well organised event and a great opportunity to meet lots of other gers. Thank you for having me!

Dabbling with the juicer (FYI: apples bounce up and down, you need to shut that shit down with the lid) (Photo courtesy of Charlie Watson)

It felt good to have made this myself.

Other cool stuff:

As you may have guessed, I won’t be running Race to the Stones today with my amazing RTTS100 team. To be honest, I am pretty devastated about it.

I guess I have known for a while that it wasn’t looking good for me. When my knee went in the London Marathon and it took three weeks for me to walk straight again I knew something was up. Ever since then the niggling pain has not gone away and I haven’t been able to run much over 10k, which is no good when you need to run 100k.

I am pretty stubborn and, if it was just me to consider, I would be there today giving it my best shot regardless of a niggling knee. Next weekend, though, is my sisters wedding and I am her maid of honour (or Queen Bridesmaid as I have taken to calling myself). I simply can’t risk having a bad knee on the big day; I need to be able to run around and sort things out so that she can relax and I most definitely cannot be seen limping down the aisle after her. I also have some top moves that the dance floor simply has to see.

Deciding not to run was difficult to come to terms with, but I know it’s the right decision. I am devastated not to be joining my incredible team today on a stormy adventure; they are all incredible women with whom it would have been an honour to run. I feel like a huge let down if I’m honest but I know I would feel even worse if I let my sister down. There’ll be another ultra – there won’t be another wedding. There’s more to life than running and sometimes life has to come first.

I can’t wait to follow the teams progress today – I am so proud of all of them and cannot wait to hear their stories from the race! Run strong team, I am with you in spirit. X

Other cool stuff:

Iconic Aussie brand Lorna Jane has been available online in the UK for a few months now but this week saw the launch of it’s pop-up shop in Covent Garden! For two weeks only you can pop in to 1 Shelton Street and view nice LJ lycra in all it’s glory. Pick it up, try it on, prod it a bit, hold it up to your awesome fitness babe body and check out how rad you’ll look in it – all those things.

I went along to the pop-up yesterday and it’s looking grand. The shop is small but sweet (like all the best things) and packed to the brim with pretty lycra. It’s got flowers and beautiful posters that give a boutiquey vibe and it all looks very nice indeed!

The clothes themselves are beautifully designed and amazing quality. It reminds me of Sweaty Betty in a lot of ways – top quality sportswear engineered for women, well cut in good quality fabrics and nice designs. I didn’t have time to stay and try anything on but I will definitely be headed back to try on a few bits and grab myself some LJ goodness. A couple of pieces I’ve particularly got my eye on are…

Red hot speedy power run shorts

This stunning blue workout cami with a super pretty back

This sports bra with cool clashing colours and a pretty cross over back. Also a bit padded which is great for girls like me with no tits – compression sports bras do us no favours.

The Lorna Jane pop-up shop is open from 22 July – 4 August at 1 Shelton Street. The team have partnered up with nutritional powerhouses Rude Health, UpRaw, Zico coconut water, PopChips and Nookie to name but a few so I’m sure if you pop in there’ll be some gorgeous treats in it for you too. If you can’t make it you can still shop Lorna Jane online and they’ve also reassured me that it isn’t the end of the line for in-store LJ experiences, so stay tuned.

You can follow the UK LJ team on twitter – @LornaJaneUK

Other cool stuff:

It’s my favourite time of year. Sweaty Betty sale time. And oh gees, it’s a super mega good one. Here are my top three bargain picks…

Sport Bikini top aka mermaid bikini of dreams …

…with the coolest back!

And matching mermaid pants of dreams. Or the Sport Bikini pant, if you want to be official.

Wipe Out Sweatpants. I’ve tried these on and can vouch for the fact that they’re the comfiest cool down pants ever. EVER

Swift Run Tank. I love the flattering wraparound and the half zip. I love this in blue too but it’s sold out, which serves me right for being slow.

Two piece I picked up at the Fit Crowd event, the Alaska Jacket and Finish Line tee are also in the sale and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I practically live in the jacket and the top of the most flattering active top I have – definitely worth investing in if you’re in the market for top quality, beautiful running gear. Thanks again, Sweaty Betty!

Other cool stuff: