It’s around this time of year that you generally start feeling a bit groggy and look to all the changes you’ll make in the new year. I know there’s a collective eye rolling… Continue reading

I adore trail running. I love the step back from pace watching, the undulating terrain, the fresh air and the freedom. Living in central-ish London it can be difficult to get much trail… Continue reading

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be all over new running gadgets and gizmos like nobodies business. But what if tracking just your running isn’t good enough? If you are a multi sport… Continue reading

Recently I was invited down to Battersea Park by TomTom UK to check out their new sports watches. They’ve launched two new watches – the Runner and the Multi Sport. The former is… Continue reading

So you know that fall I had before my tri? Turns out I fractured my elbow. And then completed the tri, with a fractured elbow. This has left me feeling pretty hardcore if… Continue reading

Oh em gee I did a flipping triathlon! If you read my you’ll know that eight weeks ago I got offered a place by Chobani on the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon. I… Continue reading

As part of my triathlon training (and in my attempt for a new half marathon PB in Copenhagen this September) I’ve been following a sports specific strength training programme. It’s based around olympics… Continue reading

I am VERY EXCITED because my triathlon bike is here and I can start practising! The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon is three weeks today and so I need to get a wiggle on… Continue reading

Most people learn to swim when they’re a kid. I didn’t. I hated having the water on my face and was constantly in the bottom set at school swim class, pussying about with… Continue reading

So, what do you do when you can’t swim and your idea of a bike ride is a pootle round the park on this…? You enter a triathlon of course! In six weeks… Continue reading