TomTom Multi-Sport…for multi sporting

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be all over new running gadgets and gizmos like nobodies business. But what if tracking just your running isn’t good enough? If you are a multi sport type of person you’ll probably want to be tracking all areas of your training, not just your running. Lucky for you, the TomTom Multi-Sport will let you do just that, as it tracks running, swimming and cycling. It’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever tested.

Changeable colours! I’m a fan of the teal.


I’m a big fan of the TomTom Runner, which I have been using as my primary running watch since I was lucky enough to receive a sample back in the summer. I find it easy to use, the display is clear and I love the goal setting functions. The Multi-Sport has the same running functions and so this is automatically a winner for me. You can read all about the running functions over in the original post!


The feature I found very exciting in the Multi-Sport was the swimming function. If you’re a regular reader of my you’ll know that I learnt to swim back in the summer to complete the Jenson Button Triathlon and I absolutely loved the entire process. I went from being near-phobic of water to really enjoying swimming and completing the 400m lake swim was a highlight of my summer. I went to test the Multi-Sport out in the pool and thought it was brilliant. It’s got the same easy navigation as the running functions and starts immediately, as it currently uses the accelerometer in the watch rather than the GPS function. The watch measured my laps, my total distance swum and my total time taken, and I found it really accurate. I also found it really motivating to see how far I’d swum, which pushed me to keep going – I covered half a mile! Not bad for a bad swimmer.

I tried to take a photo of me and said watch but lets just say they were, er, less than flattering. So here’s an old photo of me swimming under the water like a big girl.


Despite my best efforts in trying to locate (a) a bike or (b) a willing cyclist, I didn’t manage to get anyone to help me test out the cycle function. I do know, though, that the watch comes with a bike mount to attach the removable part of the watch to your handle bars for ease of viewing and use. The watch will use GPS to measure distance, time, pace etc., but you can also get an additional cadence/speed sensor that will track your cadence. A perfect upgrade for more serious cyclists. Like I said, I haven’t tested the functionality but when I went through the functions it seemed to have the same ease of use as the rest of the watch, which is a big bonus.

Heart Rate

I was also sent the TomTom heart rate monitor to try with the watch. I’ve never tried heart rate training before but know that it is an extremely useful tool to measure the intensity of your training which can, in turn, result in huge rewards in the form of increased speed and fitness. The TomTom compatible heart rate monitor is worn with a chest strap under your running clothes, which I found fine at first but found it a little constricting after I had been wearing it a while – I guess this is the same story with all devices with a chest strap though, and I get the same thing from a rucksack chest strap. The watch picked up the heart rate monitor quickly and they worked well together, and I found the data really interesting to review after my run too! I wasn’t too surprised to see that my heart rate was nearly maxing out  during a tempo run in the Dubai heat.

The TomTom Multi-Sport is £179.99 which I think is a total bargain. It’s a good looking, uncomplicated watch for triathletes, from beginners to experienced participants, and the guys at Tom Tom are constantly working on new software updates based on user feedback, which mean it keeps getting better with new functions and developments.  TomTom are also shortly due to release an app to accompany both the Runner and the Multi-Sport, which will mean you can update the quick start GPD data, sync runs and access your training history all wirelessly via bluetooth. That, pals, is what’s called living the dream.

Thanks so much to TomTom and Starfish Communications for letting me test out the Multi-Sport – I loved it. It’s available to buy from TomTom!

P.S. If you want to learn more (and by more I mean everything possible plus a bit more) try DC Rainmaker’s behemoth of a review!