To Camelbak or not to Camelbak

I think a Camelbak is a good solution to my hot running problems and will help keep me hydrated on long marathon training runs. Thing is, I have this weird thing about plastic reusable drinking receptacles. They give me the heebie jeebies. I hate it when drinks taste like plastic. Bleurgh. And I feel like you can never truly get a straw or water reservoir clean. That’s prime time for stagnant water and mould hell. It’s giving me the shivers just thinking about how grubby it is.

So, Camelbak owners, I have some questions.

(A) Do they make water taste like plastic?

(B) Are they hard to clean and grubby?

(C) Do they leak?

Answers on a postcard! (The comments will do, the postal system in the UAE is terrible)