Three Weeks

I haven’t exercised for three weeks and I don’t care.

Well, I do care. If it was up to me I would go out to run and play every day, but sometimes life gets in the way and that’s fine. This is all about keeping it real so I’m going to be honest about my exercise habits, in the hope that the next time you’re going through a dry patch (fitness wise) you won’t feel so guilty.

I last went running at the Red Bull Wings for Life Race, and had an amazing time. Unfortunately I ended up with some horrific blisters (wearing brand new shoes for a race, I deserved it) and some equally serious chafing (arguably, I did not deserve this) so took a few days off to recover/start to walk properly. I was limping like an idiot and needed the time to heal, so taking a few days off was fine by me.

After this, work kicked off in a big way. When you’re finishing at 1am every night and don’t even have time to stop and eat, the idea of popping out for a run or getting up early to catch a class seems laughable. My chosen career comes with peaks and troughs in the working hours department and that’s something I accept as part of the job, no complaining (OK, minimal complaining). This is the deal and that’s fine by me.

Add in to the mix a few busy weekends celebrating birthdays and seeing family and that leaves no time to squeeze in a workout. Constantly driving somewhere and popping in to see different people takes up a lot of time, and waking up on a mattress on a floor with a raging hangover isn’t particularly conducive to getting up early to go for a run. Seeing family and friends and celebrating their milestones is incredibly important to me, and if it means missing a few workouts then that’s fine by me.

Next up, in a big sign from the universe that says “You’re getting old!” I fell on my neck competing in a bungee run at my niece’s 9th birthday party (I was up against a 13 year old, and I lost). It’s been incredibly sore ever since and, while being no doctor, I know that necks are not to be fucked with. If sleeping on my side and coughing hurt, then it’s highly likely that a good old run round the park or a heavy session in the gym will also hurt and quite possibly impede my recovery to being the owner of a fully functional neck again. So, I’m refraining from exercise until it gets better because (a) my neck is important, and (b) doing most things is plain painful, so this is fine by me too.

The reason I’ve decided to share this is because I had started to feel guilty and useless and fat. Being a big social media user, it’s easy to get bombarded with tweets and instagrams showing you just how fit everyone else is and how much fun they’re having doing crossfit/running track, and feeling like a useless blob in comparison. The thing is, nothing positive can come from negative thoughts. Yes, I haven’t exercised in a while, for a variety of reasons, but each of those reasons is legitimate. My career is important. My health is important. My family is important. Sometimes life gets in the way of being an instagram worthy fitness ger, and that’s fine by me.