The Secret Fit Club

My awesome trainer Jen from SIX3NINE has started The Secret Fit Club, a series of seminars (and a cheeky workout session!) designed for busy, strong women to help them find a balance in their lifestyles. I thought that this was an awesome idea, so I thought I’d ask Jen a few questions about her new programme!

What is the Secret Fit Club?

The secret fit club is a community of strong women who lead busy lifestyles. They have teamed together to achieve a happy, healthy work/life balance where optimum equilibrium can be found between fitness, health and happiness.

What motivated you to start the Secret Fit Club? What’s your overall aim?

I started the secret fit club off the back of my own struggles with weight loss. For years I wasted thousands of pounds trying the latest fads and yo-yo diets. I was bombarded by so much ‘advice’ and ‘revelations’ in the media I didn’t know what to belief and nothing I tried seemed to work – at least not for long.

The aim of the Secret Fit Club is to stop women getting trapped in the same vicious cycle as I was in. To educate them about the reality of losing weight, living a healthy and active lifestyle and achieving lasting results with minimum impact on their busy work and social lives.

We need to work together to beat the sensationalist claims of the media and learn to love our bodies.

Who can join the Secret Fit Club?

Any woman who aspires to be a better version of herself can join the club. The more members we have, the more we can support and encourage each other on our journey.

What are the details? (dates, times, cost etc.)

The first free introductory session will take place on Tuesday the 20th of January at 6.30pm-7.30pm at The Hospital Club (Chalk Room) – we will meet at SIX3NINE and walk over together.

After the free introduction where I talk about my journey and what we will achieve together, you can sign up for the full 6 seminar series.

As part of the sign up you will receive:

  • 6 seminars revealing how you can stop the vicious cycle, get the body you want, and maintain it long term with minimal impact on your lifestyle.
  • My passion, knowledge, guidance and support to help you achieve your goals.
  • Access to a secret Facebook group with hints and tips to keep you on track , a friendly, supportive environment and regular live Q&A sessions.
  • A Body Composition analysis at the beginning and end of the 6 sessions which you can take away with you and see the progress you have made.
  • A complimentary goodie bag containing some useful tools to get you started.
  • BUT……most of all, as a member of the secret fit club, you will receive….the secret to achieving lasting results.

The price for all of this is just £99 and the seminars will run weekly for 6 weeks every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm.

All about Jen!  

Jen is a PT at Six3Nine: A Personal Training Practice in London’s Covent Garden. Having spent several years as a school teacher battling with her weight, in 2012, having lost over 3 stone, she re-trained as a PT and is now passionate about helping others achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals with lasting results. As well as fat loss, Jen has a keen interest in postural corrective exercise and exploring ways to get the body functioning as it was designed to in a pain-free way.

For more information on Six3Nine and its unique training ethos or to enquire a training session with Jen, please email