The Runners

The lovely Jess from Sweet Potato Runs went down to check out the premiere of new short film The Runners at Somerset House. Read all about it…

Last week I went down to Somerset House for the launch of the short film “ The Runners” by Matan Rochlitz and Ivo Gormley. The concept of this film is a straight forward one. To speak to the every day runner about what is going on in their head whilst they run. 

The result? 10 minutes of heartwarming and honest revelations that make you realise the frankness that can be brought out of running. Matan and Ivo armed with a bicycle and camera cycled the lengths of Victoria Park through out 2012 asking runners intimate and bold questions such as “What is the most important thing that has ever happened to you?” “Are you going to get married?” Each runner brought something new and completely different to the last and within mille seconds you felt like you already knew them. Love, loss, evolution, getting old, getting slower, depression, hangovers. All explored through the changing seasons of London. In such a short space of time the film makes you feel incredibly emotional, the runners and interviews stay with you and grow on you for days afterwards. My favourite runners? The older gentleman with the grey hair and the lady whose partners always want more sex than her.

Once the film finished guest panelists Alexandra Heminsley (journalist and author of Running like a Girl), Martin Yelling (coach and presenter of Marathon Talk) and Greg Laybourn who featured in the film were brought forward to answer and discuss a variation of questions about running. For me the most interesting part was when questions were opened up to the audience and it appeared a lot of people wanted to know more from Ivor and Matan about the making of the film. There were also requests to view it again (always a good sign!)

Someone from the audience asked Matan “What he learnt from making the film?” He explained that with running there is no “bullshit” no small talk.. because you don’t have the time for it, your head doesn’t want it which is why they were able to ask such bold questions without the fear of embarrassing them. They either got told to “sod off” or they got the answers that they did. I found that really interesting and so true. It’s an environment where your head and body are completely honest about what it is doing. 

I have such respect for what they have created here and have I not been able to stop watching it!

The film can be viewed here and you can read more about their adventures on the facebook page

The film is supported by GoodGym and the London Legacy Development Company, it was produced by Banyak Films.

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