“The hardest spin class in London”

Last night the lovely people at BOOM! Cycle invited me down to try out a spin class with their legendary instructor Keith. Naturally I jumped at the chance!

I haven’t been to that many spin classes, mainly because the last one I went to was absolutely brutal and I came out slightly scarred! I was a bit apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the class but needn’t have worried – Keith made it clear that you’re in control of your own ride and you control the resistance and speed. He did also claim that this was the “hardest spin class in London” and I started to feel a little nervous again!

The studio is cool and dark and the music starts, calm and atmospheric but with a beat. The class is run to an hour long mix that appeared to be designed to run with the intervals in the session; it mixes instrumental beats with varying tempos and genres with snippets of well known music and it was one of the best things about the class. The music would swell as you pushed harder through the class and it was, if I’m honest, euphoric. But then I do love the burn.

The class was, as you’d expect, based on intervals. Some involved resistance, some speed, some both! You move through sitting and standing positions, sometimes ‘locking’ your hips to isolate your legs – ow! At first I was cautious about pushing myself too much in case I burnt out, but as the class progressed I realised that the rest periods were perfectly adequate to allow you to really push yourself in the tempo sessions. Once I realised this I wasn’t afraid to push my resistance up on turn further, or pedal just that bit faster!

Keith was a fantastic instructor, leading and encouraging the whole way through and keeping the enthusiasm at 100%. Despite not having been to a spin class for quite some time I always felt like I knew what I should be doing, as did the rest of the class. It was amazing to watch the class in the mirror, rising and falling together to the beat – in the dark I felt part of a single body and it was genuinely uplifting.

The class ends with a cool down and stretch and I left with a big smile from ear to ear, if a little wobbly legged. The music, endorphins and amazing ‘togetherness’ of the class combined made me come out feeling completely at one, which was the last thing I expected! Completely exhausted I expected, but zen?! Sign of a very good class!

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I’d really recommend BOOM! Cycle for an amazing workout and generally a great way to spend an hour! Their studio is at 2-8 Scrutton Street, EC2A and you can book through their website! Follow them on twitter to keep up with special classes, such as the infamous two hour hip-hop cycle!

Having not been to many I can’t say for sure if it’s the “hardest spin class in London”, but I think it would be hard to beat as the best!

Have you been to BOOM!?