Sunday Circuit

No-one wants to spend their entire life in the gym. If you do, you’re sad. The world is full of wonderful magical things to do. Exercise is one of them but it’s just that, only one. To make the most of your time in the gym you need to get in, work hard and get out. Don’t skimp on stretching though, or I’ll judge you.

Mix and match your exercises in quick succession to get a great workout in minimum time. My favourite gym sessions are where I don’t fulfil regimented sets of exercises but rather do one set of something, then another thing, then back to something else…until I’m knackered. Here’s tonights gym session to give you a bit of inspiration, in case you’re lacking.

(Not really a circuit, but has the same principle of whizzing around doing a whole bunch of different things. Before you pick me up on it)

50 KB swings (8kg bell, to get warmed up)

40 KB cleans, 20 on each side

50 KB swings 

40 KB cleans 

90 tricep kick backs, 3 sets of 15 on each side (dumbbell)

30 squats (barbell)

15 upright rows/15 shoulder press, 10 upright rows/10 shoulder press, 5 upright rows/5 shoulder press – no breaks! (barbell)

Side plank – 3 x 30 seconds on each side (3 minutes total)

30 calf raises 

30 second plank on medicine ball followed by 12 walking lunges with medicines ball, repeat x3 – no breaks!

50 tricep dips 

30 second glute bridge x 2


I tried to run up the stairs after this and fell over. On the stairs. In the gym. Shame but also glory.

Listening to this, because inside every budding lawyer/fitness ger is a 15 year old emo trying to get out.