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I appreciate that this is my second post in recent times about a Nike product with a ‘twist’ related name. I know you’ll forgive me when you see these bad boys though…

Sooo pretty.

The Nike Free Twist E is a new cross training shoes using Nike Free technology – the soles are made with deep cuts diagonally, horizontally and vertically to allow the sole to flex with your foot however you move. They’re super lightweight and er…polka dot. Need to know anything else? Check out the website.

Even the bottom is pretty.

And they come in orange, if you dig orange (I don’t).

Not so pretty, smaller picture. It’s the only logical thing to do.

Other cool stuff:

Running shorts are the bane of every female runner’s life. NOWHERE makes a decent pair of shorts that are both (a) practical and (b) stylish. No, not even stylish – shorts that don’t look like multicoloured nappies is all we ask but even that appears to be too tall an order.

My perpetual hunt for decent running shorts has led me to the Nike Twisted Tempo shorts and they’re not half bad. Nike Tempo shorts are bloody awful – puffy and ill fitting with no pockets but some unnecessarily large pants attached to the inside. The twisted tempos are different and I’m not just talking about the great big ruddy stripe across the middle.


FRONT innit

The shorts are actually pretty slim fitting and the length is good too. I’m quite short and find that lots of running shorts end up a frumpy mid thigh length but these are great.The pants inside are also not as puffy as the normal tempo shorts.


Those with keen eyes will spot a ZIP, which is a portal to a pretty roomy little pocket. This is a HUGE advantage over the normal tempo shorts and well worth the upgrade.

I’ve been for a few runs in them and they’re really comfy to run in too – they stay in place and are really comfortable. I think I’ll be investing in a few more pairs!

The Nike Twist Tempo shorts are available in store and online in lots of pretty (and some not so pretty) colourways. Check them out online here!

PrettyFit xxxx

Other cool stuff:

Keith Morrison is a runner, photographer and total dude. He runs with the NYC Bridge Runners and came to stay in London with Run Dem Crew this month. I had the honour of participating in his latest photography project (runners on their favourite route) and so had to sneak a snap of him too.

Here’s Keith in my favourite place to run – my home stretch by the river.

Other cool stuff:

The kit is growing on me. Definitely growing on me.

First thoughts (only formed once I’d recovered from the sight of Chris Hoy’s thighs in the promo shot – woah there!) were pretty negative. Thoughts included;

Why was there turquoise on it? Turquoise is not a colour that says I’M GONNA KICK YO BUTT. 

Why is there so little red? And why is it orangey red?

Why is it so boring? 

Why is Phillips Idowu’s sponsorship part Adidas, part x-factor?

I am, however, coming round to it. Not all of it, but some of it. I think the women’s trophy jacket is a lovely feminine take on what can be a shapeless piece of sportswear;

Victoria Pendleton

And for you ‘there’s not enough red’ protestors out there, check out this picture of gymnast Louis Smith;


On the whole, I’m unmoved by it. It’s not iconic, but it’s not hideous. The public reaction has unfortunately been, from what I can see, pretty negative. The main complaints seem to be about the kit not being ‘british’ enough, the use of colours that are (shock horror) not in the union jack and the kit generally being pretty boring.

Whilst I can see where this is coming from I also think that the public generally like to shit on things. Yeah you might have done it differently but what are you going to do, start backing Germany? Our country needs a hefty injection of patriotic spirit (and not the BNP kind) and sport is a great place to start.

And for those of you yet to witness Chris Hoy…this one’s for you.

What do you think of the Team GB kit?

PrettyFit xxxx

Other cool stuff:

Yesterday I got some rather gorgeous new running shoes – I am a little bit obsessed with them.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my new Undercover x Nike Gyakusou Zoom Elites +5. Yeah it’s a long name, because they’re fancy.

Ooooh, Aaaaaah.

The Zoom Elite is a neutral running shoe with cushioning and support – I think they’ll be a good half way house between my super supportive Lunarglides and my minimal Free Runs.

The Undercover x Nike Gyakusou collection is a collaboration between Nike and Jun Takahashi’s Gyakusou running line. It’s in it’s fourth season for men and SS12 sees the first women’s collection! The line is practical and gorgeous and I love it. My two favourites are the 2-in-1 skirt/shorts;

I need the yellow. And the turquoise. And probably the navy (to go with my shoes)

And the snug yet stylish hooded jackets;

Pretty. Yet cosy. The best type of clothes.

Bloody lovely. You can see the full collection and a super trendy behind-the-scenes video from Nike here.

PrettyFit xxxx

Other cool stuff: