Stella McCartney for Team GB – thoughts?

The kit is growing on me. Definitely growing on me.

First thoughts (only formed once I’d recovered from the sight of Chris Hoy’s thighs in the promo shot – woah there!) were pretty negative. Thoughts included;

Why was there turquoise on it? Turquoise is not a colour that says I’M GONNA KICK YO BUTT. 

Why is there so little red? And why is it orangey red?

Why is it so boring? 

Why is Phillips Idowu’s sponsorship part Adidas, part x-factor?

I am, however, coming round to it. Not all of it, but some of it. I think the women’s trophy jacket is a lovely feminine take on what can be a shapeless piece of sportswear;

Victoria Pendleton

And for you ‘there’s not enough red’ protestors out there, check out this picture of gymnast Louis Smith;


On the whole, I’m unmoved by it. It’s not iconic, but it’s not hideous. The public reaction has unfortunately been, from what I can see, pretty negative. The main complaints seem to be about the kit not being ‘british’ enough, the use of colours that are (shock horror) not in the union jack and the kit generally being pretty boring.

Whilst I can see where this is coming from I also think that the public generally like to shit on things. Yeah you might have done it differently but what are you going to do, start backing Germany? Our country needs a hefty injection of patriotic spirit (and not the BNP kind) and sport is a great place to start.

And for those of you yet to witness Chris Hoy…this one’s for you.

What do you think of the Team GB kit?

PrettyFit xxxx