Soph meets the Moose

Personal trainers are ace. They provide guidance, expertise and motivation, all of which are essential to maintaining an enjoyable and worthwhile fitness routine. Finding the right trainer, however, can be difficult, and I find that personal recommendations are often the best way to find someone who can tick all your training boxes.

This weekend I was invited to go and train with Nick at Moose X-Training, a personal trainer with 13 years experience and an impressive spread of qualifications. I was impressed to receive an email the day before assuring me that my session would go ahead (despite the snow) and even more impressed to receive an email with an iCal calendar appointment. Anyone who schedules my iPhone calendar for me is a WINNER.

Nick and me in Green Park!

I went to meet Nick in Green Park and to my surprise was 10 minutes early! Not so surprising is that I’d had a bit of a kerfuffle with the meeting point maps and turned up at the wrong place. After a few jogs in and around Green Park (nothing like a good warm up in cold weather) and a couple of phone calls I managed to link up with Nick, who had been waiting for me and was very nice about my poor knowledge of west London geography and the fact that I was now quite late.

After asking me a bit about my fitness background we went straight in to the session, which Nick explained would be a circuit type session to work the whole body and maximise fat burn. Ideal! It was amazing to be out training in the snow and I was so pleased that my session went ahead despite the weather!

The circuit was really varied, aided by the various pieces of equipment Nick had brought along. Step ups, squat and pull with a kettlebell, press ups on a bench, plank, walking lunges, boxing intervals, bicep curls with a cable…non-stop all over body workout! By the end I was knackered but buzzing and felt like I’d worked every part of my body.

Walking lunges!

What I really loved though was Nick’s attentiveness throughout the session. He consistently commented on my form and posture, encouraging me when it was good and reminding me when I was getting tired and a bit slack! He could also see where I was weakest (HELLO lat raises!) and made sure to tune the exercises and reps to make sure I was getting the most out of the session and not just painfully plugging away at an exercise with bad form. I burnt my abs out earlier in the week and was really struggling to do any kind of core work (quite embarrassing to be honest, as I pride myself on my core of steel!) and so Nick changed up the session to use the time productively. I really appreciated this level of attention and felt as though my training session was tailored to me, not just a run of the mill circuit.

New number 1 fan of the MOOSE

I’d truly and honestly recommend training with Nick. His experience and expertise show in his training and you’re guaranteed a good workout, not a mindless ‘beasting’! There are loads of options: you can train at home or in a number of west London parks, sweat it out with a ‘Box with the MOOSE’ session, join a group training session or a daily group run. The website is easy to navigate and you can book sessions online, which means it’s super easy to browse and book classes. Online booking ‘slots’ for a personal trainer is not something I’ve seen before and it’s a super convenient way to organise personalised training.

If you fancy training with Nick you can now get 15% off ALL the services on MOOSE X-Training using the code MOOSELUVSSOPHIE (well, what can I say?) online. It’s valid until February 28th so pop on over and book yourself in. Soph approved!