I am the first to admit that I get some amazing opportunities through this , and this afternoon was definitely up there among one of the coolest events I’ve been to. I was lucky enough to be among the first to find out about Nike’s new range of ‘zoom’ shoes at a secret Thames-side location.

The afternoon started on a boat from North Greenwich, transporting us down the river to our first location. This was a riverside warehouse where we mingled with Nike’s speediest athletes, learnt about the latest range of ‘zoom’ shoes, learnt about the new Nike AW15 range and had our gait analysed before plucking our shoes from parachutes hanging from the ceiling. I know – it was as insane as it sounds.

Gait analysis hub with Nike experts on hand!

Plucked myself a pair of Nike Zoom Elite 8 (along with my very own speed parachute!) from the air

You might have noticed Nike’s latest campaign #sofast, focussing on finding fast through a series of speed training and mile racing events. As part of finding fast, Nike have launched five new running shoes. Four are revamped versions of existing Nike models, alongside an entirely new running shoe.

Steve Cram interviewed some speedy Nike athletes about finding fast, including one of my fave runner babes Dina Asher-Smith!

First up, the well-loved Nike Pegasus. The latest version is the Zoom Pegasus 32 – tweaks are minimal, but it’s been made slightly lighter to promote speed.

Next, the next version of the Nike Vomero – the Zoom Vomero 10. The Vomero remains the premium neutral shoe, but has been made slightly softer in the mid-sole to forefoot to encourage a mid-foot strike.

There’s a new version of Nike’s classic high support shoe, the Structure. The latest model (Nike Zoom Structure 19) remains largely the same (it’s so popular with runners I can see why they wouldn’t want to meddle!) but it does have softer medial cushioning.

Perving on the new zoom range

Next up, the Nike Zoom Elite 8. This is a lightweight tempo shoe with just an 8mm offset, designed for speed. It’s designed for mid-foot strikers with a neutral gait. This was how I measured up in my gait analysis so I’ve actually had the pleasure of road-testing this shoe, and it really complements my running style. It definitely encourages a mid-foot strike – I can feel the back of my legs working when running in these!

Finally, we had the pleasure of learning about an all new shoe, the Zoom Odyssey. This is a premium stability shoe (like the Vomero sits ‘on top’ of the Pegasus in the neutral category, this sits on top of the Structure in the stability category!) and is pretty much the Stability 19 on crack.

(The new models are explained in full over on Nike’s website!)

After learning all about the new models we took to the river again, speeding down to Greenwich foot tunnel on mother flippin’ speed boats! I’m quite frightened of speed boats, and wasn’t feeling entirely confident about embarking on this journey…

Not keen, tbh.

Approaching our final destination…

Luckily the speed boat journey was awesome and not at all scary and we made it to Greenwich safe and sound for the final part of our journey! We completed a warm-up by the Cutty Sark with one of Nike’s top coaches and two of their speediest athletes, before racing a mile through the Greenwich foot tunnel! Unfortunately for me, the weekend before I broke my toe and so didn’t complete the mile race, but it was great to see everyone else going for it. I’ve also never actually been through the Greenwich foot tunnel, so that was ace too.

Racing through Greenwich foot tunnel

With some of the other ladies after they’d raced the mile

It was awesome to find out all about the new range of zoom shoes and to try out the Nike Zoom Elite 8! I raced the Nike Womens 10k in them and thought they were great, and I’ve seen some speedy sisters rocking them too.

Thanks to Nike for having me at their amazing event!