Sleek Technique x Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty‘s latest Get Fit 4 Free campaign is Ballet Bootcamp – a collaboration with online ballet class provider Sleek Technique. If you’re not familiar with it, Get Fit 4 Free is a community initiative from Sweaty Betty, where SB collaborates with gyms and class providers to host free instore classes for their customers. Sleek Technique classes are ballet based body conditioning classes available online – you can stream them on demand (perfect for squeezing them in to a busy schedule) or you can join live classes hosted online!

As I am still living the Dubai dream, I sent my beautiful sister Sian along to try out Ballet Bootcamp with Sweaty Betty. Good job really, because she got all (and I mean ALL) the dancing genes. Here’s what she thought…

I have long been an advocate of the notion that ballet is possibly the best workout you can get. Strength, flexibility and cardio rolled into one pretty little package where you dance around in pink shoes and (hopefully) a flouncy skirt. Plus you don’t need to run anywhere (my worst nightmare). So when Soph asked me to pop along to Sweaty Betty and Sleek Technique’s Ballet Bootcamp I practically saute-ed at the chance.

After navigating my way around the London Underground (erm, hello, Victoria line filled with cement..!) I finally reached Sweaty Betty HQ, kicked off my warm winter boots and popped on my ballet tights. After a brief introduction to Sleek Technique founders Flik and Victoria (too unbelievably beautiful ballerina’s who make you want to work just that bit harder in the hope of looking exactly like them) we got down to work. I’ve danced almost my entire life, everything from tap to ballet to musical theatre, but this was quite different. After warming up and mixing up my left and right a fair few times due to the speed with which we were going, I got into the rhythm and started to loosen up.

There were plies in all manner of positions (no barre), arabesques, and balance’s whilst we caught our breath, before getting down and dirty on the yoga mats and working through exercises that made me feel parts of my stomach that I’ve never felt before. By the end I was exhausted, but happy, feeling like I’d actually put my body through the type of workout I’d never even knew could exist! (Note – two days later I woke up in the middle of the night whilst turning over in bed, my stomach muscles ached THAT much) What’s more, I couldn’t wait to go back, which says quite a lot considering my lack of athletic prowess…

I spoke briefly with Flik and Victoria after the class and loved how passionate they were about their work, and how enthusiastic they were about getting any old so-and-so included in their brilliant new initiative. Sleek classes combine traditional ballet technique and conditioning exercises to get that sleek, lean, ballerina figure. The classes are online (on demand AND you can sign up for interactive classes via a webcam – seriously cool) and can be worked into your day-to-day routines with ease so there are literally no excuses, even for me. It’s cheaper than a gym membership and, in my humble opinion, is way more fun. Plus, any form of exercise that allows me to wear pink leotards will always get my vote.

If Siany’s account has persuaded you, get on down to a free Sweaty Betty x Sleek Technique instore class! If you can’t make it, Sleek Technique offer a free 15 minute taster workout online, and also offer a 10 days for £10 taster offer so you can try them out! I’d recommend some Sweaty Betty dance kit as the perfect Ballet Bootcamp accompaniment…

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Thank you to Sweaty Betty and Sleek Technique for having us! Can’t wait to try Sleek Technique out for myself when I get home.