SIX3NINE Update: Results!

The results are in!

I’ve been training with SIX3NINE for just over a month now and I am really enjoying the experience. It makes such a difference having someone to push you, tweak your technique and hold you accountable. As well as enjoying the training experience I have been really happy with the progress I have been making, which I think demonstrates the efficacy of targeted personal training in the fight against injury. When you’re injured the easiest thing to do is busy your head in the sand, deny it’s happening and just carry on training as you were before. I have learnt the hard way that this is (a) not effective at rehabilitating and preventing injuries; and (b) a particularly effective way to bring your training regime to a gradual halt.

Mid super-set with Jen at SIX3NINE

When I first started meeting with Jen I told her that I just generally felt broken, and she totally understood that. Our training has been focussed on developing whole body strength, as well as some shoulder specific injuries to repair the muscle around my rotator cuff so that everything stays where it should do, and I can’t deny that I have made huge progress already. 

I have started running a little again and have done so without any knee pain. I even managed a tough 10km trail run and had no knee complaints, both during and after.

I feel a lot more ‘solid’ when I run. I know that might sound like a strange way of describing it, but I feel more held together and stronger in my stride. I think I have started developing strength in my core again which is really helping and improving my posture when I run.

I used to regularly get pains in my right shoulder and neck, and both the frequency and intensity of these have dropped dramatically. I am still getting the odd twinge, but on the whole the day to day pain level is very low which I am ecstatic about. I also feel stronger in the joint itself, and have even dared (gingerly) to reach up to cupboards to get things. I am really really pleased with the progress here.

Building my back muscles (and butt) with this squat to row cable exercise!

Although not my primary goal, I was also hoping to lose some of the extra body fat I had collected while my training had reduced and gain back some of my muscle tone. I had another full body analysis and was shocked to find out that I had dropped 3% body fat in just four weeks with what feels like such minimal changes. I have dropped 2kg of fat and gained 1kg of muscle, so that’s an overall net loss of 1kg body weight too. I won’t lie – that feels pretty good.

I am apprehensive about dieting and know that it can be detrimental to my mental health, but Jen’s guidance has really helped me. I’ve been tracking my calories 5 days a week and aiming to eat to a set calorie goal, as well as eating a certain balance of macronutrients. It took a bit of practise but now I am getting a feel for the types of foods and quantities I need to eat to roughly hit my macros and have happily found that the calories are plenty for me – no depravation here. I don’t count or record my intake at the weekends, I just eat sensibly and with health as my primary focus with room for a few treats (mainly Raffaelos to be honest, they are the bomb). For me this is a very manageable way of living. Initially it did trigger a few bad behaviours in me – striving to always be below my calorie target by a good few hundred calories – but Jen picked up on this immediately and now my calorie target is a goal, not a limit. I am very happy with the structure and the freedom.

Seeing such positive changes has been a huge motivator for me – I can’t wait to give even more to my programme and hopefully reap the rewards! I can’t thank SIX3NINE and Jen especially enough for training me and for giving me so much support. I feel like a brand new me who’s excited about exercise again and I definitely feel as if I am getting my confidence back. I can’t wait to see where I am in another four weeks!