Shoe Week: Hall of Fame

The Nike Lunarglide was my first proper running shoe. My family clubbed together a bought me a pair of Nike iD Lunarglide 3s in my favourite nautical colours. They took me through my first half (Run to the Beat 2011!) and I’ve run consistently in Lunarglides ever since. I had a pink pair of Lunarglide 4, then three pairs of Lunarglide 5. OK, so it got out of hand.

My absolute favourite ever pair of running shoes were my navy, red and white Lunarglide 5s. They were a kids colourway and I never saw anyone else with them. They were ridiculously comfortable and saw me round pretty much every race I ran between June 2012 and March 2014, when I retired them in Dubai. They say you’re supposed to cover 500 miles or so in a pair of running shoes before they’re kaput – I reckon I covered at least triple that in these before finally admitting I had to let them go. I could have cried!

Anyway, I stalked myself on instagram and have pulled out a handful of adventures me and my favourite shoes went on together.

Exploring in Ireland

My first (and only!) triathlon

The Lexie Sessions with Fitness Playground

The Dubai Marathon

At the top of the tallest mountain in Dibba, Oman, after climbing 1000m from the beach

The Paris Half, 2013

Kicking it in Dubai, where (hopefully) these have made their way to a new home

Shoe: Nike Lunarglide

Type: Road running shoe, suitable for neutral runners and over pronators. Medium cushioning.

Features: The Lunarglide 5 (the most recent update) has flywire support to hold the middle of the foot in place and combat pronation. They’re also lightweight and flexible, with a single layer upper mesh for ventilation. The 5 is my favourite version as they feel light, but also provide the cushioning and support that I feel I need for running serious road miles.

Fit: A half size up will do nicely – a whole size is too much for me. The sides are very flexible, and so suitable for all foot widths.

Looks: The reason I was attracted to Nike trainers when I first started running (and knew nothing about running shoes) was their looks. Nike have it down. Having run in other brands recently I am definitely being converted away from being an all-Nike runner, but I think Nike are still the design queens.

Price: £90 from Nike, but the various models and previous seasons colours are available from other outlets for less – try Wiggle and Achilles Heel.

Best bits: Light, supportive, comfortable. Sexy.

Worst bits: I can’t afford to buy all the colours.

Overall verdict: All time running hero for my past 4.5 years worth of running adventures. Lunarglides, I salute you.

What are your all time favourite pair of running shoes? Ever had a pair you wore to death, and then a little bit more? Share – I won’t judge.

Other Lunarglide hall of fame moments include…

Lunarglide 4 for my first marathon in Brighton, 2013

Lunarglide 5 for the first ever We Own The Night London in 2013

My first ever pair of proper running shoes, Nike iD Lunarglide 3, for my first ever half in 2011.