Run to the Beat 2013!

Run to the Beat turned out to be a bit of a controversial one this year. I was meant to race for the third year in a row but, due to working in Dubai, I couldn’t make it, so the lovely Cake of Good Hope (author of one of my favourite ever race reports) went along to race instead. Here’s her report – let us know your thoughts on this years race in the comments!

Dear Legs,

How are you? It’s been a while since we last heard from you. We know our human has been giving you a rest recently so last Sunday must have come as quite a shock.

Things have been good up here lately. There was that grim patch when our human kept stuffing those “headphone” things into us. It wasn’t so bad when she sat still but it was when she took you out that we used to suffer the most. We used to spend hours with them jammed in while you ran and ran.

Then there was that time when Bottom piped up and embarrassed us all. Even we heard him over the music. After that, our suffering stopped. It has been great for us but poor old Brain has been getting a bit bored lately and would often wander off without telling anyone. That’s why our human took us all out for the day last Sunday.

We were quite looking forward to thirteen miles of aural pleasure but two hours of Blood surging past at high pressure turned out to be the main thing we heard. There was the occasional break where a human in a box blasted out music at high volume though. Apparently, Arms and Hands joined in at one point but that was soon stopped; rhythm was never their strong point.

It did make us wonder why so many other humans were plugged into their own tiny music boxes and headphones throughout. Eyes’ observations were that they seemed to make the other humans’ brains stop working, causing them to run in all directions across the path of others. Wits were kept busy, that’s for sure.

We’re sorry that you got dragged along for the ride too but at least you got a bit of a rest at 4 miles. You probably needed that. The hill seemed to slow you down a bit at the end too. We don’t mean to be rude but it was a bit embarrassing that you put up such a fight; luckily, Heart and Lungs stepped in and stopped anyone getting seriously hurt.

Still, when our human finally let you stop, we were surprised to see how little she did to reward you. Taste Buds and Belly were treated like royalty. We wouldn’t stand for this neglect, Legs.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Ears x

These ears and legs took part in Run to the Beat as guests of Nike. Runners who paid through the nose to experience the event have been offered a small refund on the entry fee for the organisational hiccoughs.