Rise and Shine

I am not a morning person. Never have been. You might catch me on a cheeky midnight sprint down Mile End Road and my old gym frequently used to have to kick me out when they closed for the night. Mornings are for snoozing and bleary eyed commutes to get to work as late as professionally acceptable (currently 9:45 at a push).

Unfortunately, this all has to change. Since entering the adult world of work I’ve seen my workout frequency drop and my fitness levels are suffering. I would normally work out at lunch or in the evenings, but seeing as corporate lawyers seemingly (a) rarely take lunch and (b) never leave work on time, this has not been happening. This is depressing. Exercise is my anti-depressant and I simply cannot function without it. So, the only solution I see to this is to work out in the mornings. That way, I can get my exercise in and do my job, whatever the hours end up being.

I have been given the following tips to help me get up and exercise in the morning:

1. Get to bed early!

2. Set two alarms!

3. Lay your kit out ready!

4. Don’t give yourself a choice, just do it!

(Note: If you have any more tips then they would be gratefully received)

So far the success rate has been about 5%. I managed a run before work once. It doesn’t take a corporate lawyer to work out that that sucks.

So I’ve hatched a new plan. I’ve signed up for Frame’s Early Bird pass, which gives me eight pre-9am classes over the next month for £60. I figured if I commit to and pay for classes, that should get my fat lazy butt out of bed and on the daily grind.

I had my first class this morning – Frame Camp with PT Mollie Millington (separate class review to come!) and so far so good! It felt great to up and active first thing in the morning and the facilities at Frame are so good that getting ready for work there is a dream. Heck, their showers are better than mine at home, I might just start rocking up every morning. I had a lovely fresh winter walk from Shoreditch to my office at St Pauls, grabbing porridge and a flat white with cinnamon (aka the Don of all coffees) on my way. 

You know, I might just get used to it.  

If you fancy the Early Bird pass you can buy it online from Frame until January 31st.