A couple of weeks back I went to the press launch of the new “Active Woman” range, a range of female-specific sports nutrition products by Bio Synergy. I’m a fan of Bio Synergy products as I think they’re good quality and they actually work, so I was pretty excited when they gave me the entire range to test out!

The range has been designed specifically with women in mind, with lots of female specific ingredients like folic acid and calcium (active women are more prone to osteoporosis – check out my on calcium to find out why you need more if you exercise!). The Active Woman range is not just the men’s range repackaged in to smaller, pinker tubs, which makes a nice change. Despite the fact that over half of exercisers are women, only 5% of those women use any nutritional products in support of their goals. There’s a common train of thought that they’re only for men, and that taking protein will make you ‘bulky’…

She only had one protein shake and BOOM
(This is female body builder Irene Anderson – she works very hard to look like that!)

In reality good sports nutrition will aid recovery, boost fat loss, increase speed or fitness…whatever your goal, there’s always a nutrition plan that will help you go above and beyond. Don’t be afraid to supplement with protein as, when used in conjunction with a good diet, it’s a very effective way of reaching all sorts of goals.

The range has been designed with Melanie Sykes and she is the face on the products. She attended the launch to talk about the products and I can tell you that she is looking GOOD. She is a busy 41 year old mother of two boys and she looked great. She was full of energy and enthusiasm and was clearly happy and healthy. She had been hands on with the entire range and signed off on taste, packaging and efficacy – she tested the products for a full six months before they came to the market.

Chatting through the range at Sketch, London

The full range looks like this (excuse my rubbish iPhone photo);

Packaging for girls that isn’t pink. Hallelujah!

Three drinks…

‘Activate’ A high protein low carb shake with green tea, BCAAs, vitamin D, vitamins B5 and B6 and folic acid. Designed for a pre-workout energy boost.

‘Refuel’ A post workout shake with 18g of quality carbs and 6 grams of mixed protein (whey for quick release and casein for slow release), vitamins C, E and B2, folic acid, creatine and electrolytes.

‘Revitalise’ A no fat, no protein carb and electrolyte mix designed to sustain energy and replenish lost electrolytes before, during and after exercise.

Two tablets…

‘Refine’ A combination of CLA, yerba mate and L-Carnitine designed to boost your metabolism and burn fat.

‘Define’ A combination of green tea, konjac and chromium, designed to target fatty deposit, boost metabolism and reduce sugar cravings.

If I were to tell you all about these products all at once this would be a very long post. Also, I appreciate some people may only be interested in a protein powder, whereas some may be interested in fat burners etc, so I’m going to post about them one at a time.


I’ve been testing the products out over the past few weeks but thought last night was a perfect opportunity to put the Revitalise powder to the test – it was tempo Tuesday with Run Dem Crew!

Revitalise promises extra energy from good quality carbs, which come in handy if you’re attempting a tough session such as a tempo run. It is also contains a complex of electrolytes including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium – when you sweat you lose more than just water, and by replacing all the salts and minerals you lose through your sweat you hydrate more efficiently, avoid cramps and recover quicker. Last night was a hot and sweaty run down by the canals, and so it was important to make sure I rehydrated fully ready to face today’s training.

First impressions – YUM. Revitalise is currently only available in ‘Electrifying Orange’ and I was expecting it to taste like bog standard, over-sweet sickly orange squash. However, the powder itself looks and smells like sherbert, and when it’s all mixed up it flipping tastes like sherbert too – YES. It’s light and not too sweet and mixes very well.

On the run – It’s hard to say with any certainty what effect the drink had on me. However, my fitness has been down recently due to taking my training down a (very big) notch and I was dreading running with my normal group, the baby cheetahs (we normally do around a 8 min/mile). The first third or so of the run was tough but after that I really started to get in to my stride and I felt strong, despite my reduced fitness and the intense humidity. Whether this was the company, the drink or just a burst of fitness I can’t say with any certainty, but I definitely felt like I had the energy to attack the run and would like to think the extra carbs and electrolytes helped me along!

The morning after the night before – Today I feel completely hydrated, with no overwhelming thirst on waking up (pretty normal if I have hot sweaty run the night before) and no cramps. Energy levels are good and my body feels fine. Hydration – DONE.

I liked this product a whole lot more than I expected to. I’m not a huge fan of sports drinks but this one is light and easy to drink, and I think it could be a good little ally in my marathon training attack!

Are you in the 5% of women who use sports nutrition products? If not – why not?


You can find Bio-Synergy on their website, on twitter and on facebook. They’re very nice!