So, what do you do when you can’t swim and your idea of a bike ride is a pootle round the park on this…?

You enter a triathlon of course! In six weeks time! Six weeks is plenty of time to learn how to swim, ride a road bike and link it all up with running right? …right?

I’ll rewind. A couple of weeks ago the very lovely John at Chobani contacted me saying he had a challenge for me. He told me that Chobani are sponsoring this years Jenson Button Trust Triathlon and did I fancy getting involved and ging the journey? Now then. Never in a bazillion years did I ever think I could do a triathlon but my instant thought was “yes!”. Because I truly believe that you can do anything you put your mind to. You’re only made stronger but the things that challenge you and I am always up for a challenge. And I’d been meaning to learn how to swim for ages anyway, so it’s the perfect thing to kick start my journey to all-time life ambition to be a professional surfer babe (it is NOT too late).

I did hesitate. Was this a seriously retarded thing to do? Will I come dead last? Will I actually drown? What if I crash my bike and break myself? All this and more went through my head. I sent Dayve (currently in Alaska) a big message explaining the opportunity Chobani had offered and explaining my concerns but also my overwhelming urge to say yes and he came back simply saying “I think in the last two years you’ve proved that anything is possible. Go for it. x“. Well, I had to do it now.

So I said yes. Chobani have been very generous in helping me out with gear and are also offering expert training and nutrition advice throughout the process. I am SO excited about this project over the next six weeks and cannot wait to get stuck in to the swimming and biking. The triathlon is a super sprint so the distances are very manageable:

300m swim (open water) 9km bike ride

2.5km run.

The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon takes place in the ground of Luton Hoo estate and it looks like an absolutely beautiful setting. I checked out the times for last year and I reckon the swim will definitely put me at the back of the pack but hopefully not in actual last place number one loser spot. But, I don’t even think I’d mind that much even if I was the number one loser. I’d be a bloody triathlete! Bit gutted that it’s probably the only time I’ll ever meet Jenson Button and I’ll look like a drowned rat in a skintight onesie though.

I spoke to my friend (and real life triathlete) Chris and he reassured me that triathlons are only as competitive as you make them and plenty of people just do breaststroke. Two massive fears dealt with already. I’m ready to give it my best shot and get to the end. At least I know there’ll be some super yum yoghurt at the end (make mine a blood orange).

Very very big thank you to Chobani for having me along for the ride. I am SO excited about the training process over the next six weeks and will be posting plenty of updates on learning to swim, tackling a road bike, practising transitions and posing in a super hot tri suit (key skill). Lets get cracking!