Race Day

As you may have guessed, I won’t be running Race to the Stones today with my amazing RTTS100 team. To be honest, I am pretty devastated about it.

I guess I have known for a while that it wasn’t looking good for me. When my knee went in the London Marathon and it took three weeks for me to walk straight again I knew something was up. Ever since then the niggling pain has not gone away and I haven’t been able to run much over 10k, which is no good when you need to run 100k.

I am pretty stubborn and, if it was just me to consider, I would be there today giving it my best shot regardless of a niggling knee. Next weekend, though, is my sisters wedding and I am her maid of honour (or Queen Bridesmaid as I have taken to calling myself). I simply can’t risk having a bad knee on the big day; I need to be able to run around and sort things out so that she can relax and I most definitely cannot be seen limping down the aisle after her. I also have some top moves that the dance floor simply has to see.

Deciding not to run was difficult to come to terms with, but I know it’s the right decision. I am devastated not to be joining my incredible team today on a stormy adventure; they are all incredible women with whom it would have been an honour to run. I feel like a huge let down if I’m honest but I know I would feel even worse if I let my sister down. There’ll be another ultra – there won’t be another wedding. There’s more to life than running and sometimes life has to come first.

I can’t wait to follow the teams progress today – I am so proud of all of them and cannot wait to hear their stories from the race! Run strong team, I am with you in spirit. X