Protein Bounty Bars?!

I am a fan of two things.

1. Eating healthily

2. Eating sweets

As you can see, these two things are pretty contradictory and the result is a mainly healthy diet with a bit of sugary madness mixed in (80/20 rule and all that). Whilst there’s nothing wrong with indulging in moderation, there’s doubly nothing wrong with making those treats a little bit healthier.

Enter: Anna from Protein POW(d)ER! Anna is pretty handy in the kitchen with her dizzying array of protein powders, nut butters and other healthy bits and beezlebobs. She makes up amazing recipes for treats, breads, sweets, protein bars, protein fluff…everything! All with a high protein content and usually a corresponding low carb or low GI carb content, with healthy fats and super vitamins all thrown in for good measure.

I have been stalking her site from afar for a while now (not least because of all the awesome sketches she does) but have always been a bit…chicken to try her recipes. I absolutely love baking but I’m pretty new to protein powders and have had some horrible ones and so I approached the ingredients with caution. However, I saw this recipe for her bounty protein bars and just HAD to try them.

Coconut? Chocolate? High protein content? Why, that’s all of my favourite things!

Here’s my first attempt…

Probably should have presented it on a plate.

I had to use vanilla whey as I had no coconut whey, but this is only because I had no idea such a dreamy flavour existed and I have some on it’s way as I type! I also used fat free fromage frais as I had no cottage cheese. Not sure why as I always have cottage cheese.

The result was still a yummy coconutty dream – I can’t wait to try another recipe! I think next up is this strawberry protein fluff…

PrettyFit xxxx