Project: Mizuno Wave Evo

I am super duper excited about a new project that I have been invited to work on with Japanese running brand, Mizuno! I’ve been invited to test their latest minimalist offering, the Wave Evo Cursoris and the Wave Evo Levitas. Both are new minimalist running shoes designed for midfoot runners. Having recently made a transition from heel striker to fore/mid foot striker, I cannot wait to test these out. I’ll be training in them for the next six weeks before running the Mizuno reading half marathon with the other Mizuno super gers!

Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris! Hot hot hot! 

My journey with minimalist running shoes so far has been turbulent. I’d read about the benefits – enhanced strength in your feet and ankles, a more natural running style, fewer injuries, awesome street cred for using trendy new shoes etc. I got myself a pair of Nike Frees a couple of years ago and went out on short runs at first, before increasing my mileage. At this point I was completely uneducated about technique and had no idea you could even land on different parts of your feet – I just went out and ran. I quickly got in to difficulties in the shape of sore calf muscles, battered feet and a seriously angry ITB band that gave me a seriously painful groin strain. Sexy, I know.

Fast forward and here I am, a little bit more educated about technique and a little bit more interested in improving my running. After a brief encounter with The Running School at the Running Show (highly recommend, by the way!) I became more aware of the way I was running and, in my case, the way in which my heel striking was holding me back. I diligently set about switching my form and now, two months later, I feel very natural in my new forefoot strike and unsure of how I ever ran differently.

Mizuno Wave Evo Levitas! Super minimalist with a midsole of just 8mm.

With this in mind, I am really excited about trying the new Wave Evo series, and I am absolutely delighted to be asked to test them. Now that I am equipped with a shiny new technique I can’t wait to explore the benefits that training in minimalist shoes offers. In March I’ll be running the Paris half (another #bridgethegap adventure!) and the Mizuno Reading half and I’m hoping that the new Mizuno Evo series can give me the edge.

If you’re interested in learning more about minimalist or barefoot style running then stayed tuned as I’ll have a series of s covering both the topic of minimalist/barefoot running and my training in the lead up to the Reading half on March 17th! You can also follow the other Mizuno super gers over on twitter – an awesome mixed bunch of experts, physios, PTs, ultrarunners, high level amateur runners and err…me!