PrettyFit Loves…Phd Bars

Protein bars can be a convenient way to boost the protein content of your diet. Protein is the macronutrient du jour but it’s not all hype; protein is important for rebuilding and repairing muscles following exercise, which means your recovery times are reduced and you bounce back stronger. Protein is also key to building and maintaining lean muscle and consuming protein can help burn fat, helping you achieve the lean mean look you’re most likely after (who isn’t?).

I am personally an advocate for trying to eat as ‘clean’ as possible, and believe there’s nothing better for your body than to consume whole and natural foods. However, this is not always possible due to time constraints and matters of convenience. Chicken breast and boiled eggs are not easily transportable when you’re out and about, no matter what your personal trainer tells you, and clean protein sources can be hard to come across when eating out. If you’re particularly active, it may be difficult to consume enough chicken, eggs or salmon to meet your protein needs and so supplementation may be necessary. Here, bars and shakes really do come into their own. They also come in all sorts of fancy flavours and I find they keep any chocolate/sweet cravings I get at bay.

However, this sweet bonus can also be a pitfall. Some bars are so flavour-focused that they can contain astronomic amounts of fat and sugar (I won’t name names!) which are both counteractive to a healthy diet. Choosing the right protein bar is important and you need to make sure you check the labels carefully without choosing MEGA CHOCO PEANUT BUTTER CARAMEL DELUXE. Yes, it may look like a chocolate bar and contain 30g of protein, but the sugar is through the roof and it’s 30% pure fat.

Bearing this is mind, I have been really impressed with Phd Diet Whey Bars. They’re just 188 calories each but pack in an impressive 25g of whey protein, which is an excellent calorie-protein ratio in my opinion. They also sneak ried-and-tested fat burning ingredients such as CLA, Green Tea and Flaxseed into these yummy little bars, so they’re perfect for those looking to reduce body fat. They only contain 1g of sugar per bar so are perfect for those who are carb-conscious, and are less than 10% fat. They come in three yummy flavours; chocolate cookie, strawberry and chocolate orange. The texture is chewy and yummy and they really do feel like a treat.

If you’re dipping your toe in the protein bar market or on the look out for a change from your usual, I’d really recommend Phd Diet Whey bars.

PrettyFit xxxx