PrettyFit loves… SukiShufu

I remember noticing SukiShufu leatherback leggings a while back and thinking how awesome they were. Galaxy lycra mixed with a cool thick faux leather waistband at the back; they were leggings but just more badass. So, I was delighted to get an email with details of all new SukiShufu active wear, which is available online now! You all know I am a sucker for great kit (who isn’t?) and the new range from SukiShufu looks like no exception.

Turns out that Sukishufu is a cool UK brand (I had always assumed it was US) that uses ethically sourced materials wherever possible to create its activewear. The lycra they use is chlorine resistant (good to know when you’re dealing with patterns in particular) and has built in SPF 50, as well as being breathable and light.

My favourite piece is the silver back candy pink yoga bra (the Miso Crop), which is beyond adorable. Normally I don’t do adorable. I do muddy and I do colourful and I do tomboy, but I genuinely adore this cute little sports bra.

The range is available online now as well as at Harrods (if you’re fancy) and over at Hip & Healthy too! Here are a couple of my other favourites from the new range: