PrettyFit @ FRAME

Over the past few months I’ve been hearing endless good things about Frame Shoreditch. Frame is a dance, fitness and holistic studio in Shoreditch and they run a huge range of classes, from reformer pilates to music video dance classes to cardio kettlebells and pretty much everything in between. I couldn’t resist the hype any longer and signed up for one of their signature classes, Frame Method.

I wasn’t disappointed – the class was tough! It started out on the floor using dumbells and bodyweight exercises, which warmed my entire body up in no time at all. Lots of wide squats meant my thighs were already burning, and I had another 50 minutes to go! All of a sudden I regretted booking my class the morning after a track session with the crew.

We then moved on to use the barre, which is something I’ve never done before. The standing barre section worked my entire lower body and my legs were feeling shredded – amazing!

There were quite a few exercises I’d never encountered before, especially using the pilates ball and a yoga strap, and it was great to have such a varied workout. Nothing like mixing your training up! Trying to get the hang of them was made much easier by the instructor, who was very friendly and super helpful. On several occasions she came over and adjusted my form which really helped me get the best from the class. There were only 8 people in my class too which meant you really did get individual attention, which is quite unusual and really refreshing to find.

The class finished with more work on the floor, with sections targetting glutes and abs. I found the glutes workout pretty damn challenging and came out with serious jelly legs!

Overall, I thought the class was great. The equipment used is minimal but the workout is hugely effective – I would consider myself reasonably fit and I came out feeling shattered. It alternates exercises and stretches throughout which I really liked – no long stretching session at the end and it broke the class up nicely. The music is also great and the studio is gorgeous!

Frame definitely lived up to the hype and I can’t wait to go back. Next on my hitlist, cardio kettlebells! Who’s coming with me?

You can find Frame on Twitter, Facebook and also on their website.

PrettyFit xxx