Pretty Fit #1percentmore challenge!

I am very lucky to have been asked by Spogo (a collaborative organisation between ukactive and Sport England) to join them as one of their ambassadors. As someone who is passionate about the benefits of exercise for everyone I really identify with their mission of making the UK a more active place to live and I am proud to represent and spread their message. You don’t need to run marathons or complete an Ironman to get fit – a few minutes a day is positive progress and hugely more beneficial to your body than doing nothing at all.

In the spirit of making exercise an everyday occurrence for as many people as possible, Spogo have founded the #1percentmore challenge. If the nation was just 1% more active it could save the NHS an estimated £1.2 billion within five years, and the challenges are designed to encourage people to do just that. They’re not big, overwhelming challenges – small things you can do every day to improve your own health and happiness.

As a Spogo Ambassador I’ll be doing my bit to spread the word about everyday fitness and hosting my own #1percentmore challenge. I’ve decided to go for a classic plank challenge – how long can you hold a plank for? I challenge you to have a go every day this week (Monday – Friday) and let me know your longest time every day. Tweet at it at me (@beprettyfit) using the hashtag #1percentmore to be entered in to the leaderboard. At the end I’ll crown someone the Pretty Fit #1percentmore Challenge winner! Which is obviously a high accolade so get your plank on!

I’ll also be posting a plank selfie every day as part of the challenge. If you want to join in (which I encourage you to do!) then use the hashtag #prettyfitplankselfie on twitter or instagram. My instagram is @sophiechristabel and it’s in a little box in the right hand sidebar >>>

Good luck you bunch of awesome fitness wizards!