Popping my cherry

I’ve been fannying about stressing about entering a marathon for about a year now. Can I fit the training in? Which one do I do? Do I even want to run that far?! Well, the good news is you don’t have to put up with this faffing any more. Because in April, I will be running my first marathon.


I now have a charity place for the Brighton marathon on April 14th, through my work’s nominated charity Barnardo’s. I grew up in Eastbourne and other than the epic Beachy Head marathon (which I actually entered last year and will run one day!) Brighton is the closest marathon to home. It’s also a beautiful place to run and it means my family can come and watch me, should they so desire. Running is an emotional experience and crossing the finish line in a city I love is, to me, the perfect way to complete my first marathon.

I only have 10 (and a bit!) weeks to train which is, to be frank, very frightening. I am however reasonably(!) fit and have a lot of distance under my belt. Although it may not be most well trained for marathon I don’t think it will be a huuuuge disaster, but do tell me if you think I’m wrong! I wanted to run a marathon this year and didn’t want to train through summer. VLM is out and so Brighton seemed like a natural choice. We’ll see how I get on!

I love running along the seafront at home and Brighton marathon has a hefty amount of seafront action (verging on, dare I say it, hideously repetitive?) but also some glorious south Downs action in the shape of Ovingdean Valley. There are a few hills but they’re out of the way by mile 10 – I’d rather have them at the front end of the race. Check out this elevation graph I stole from an organised runner on MapMyRun:

Thanks, organised runner

If you’d like to check out the route even more, check out the cheesiest video of all time on the Brighton marathon website. It’s intense.

I need to raise £500 for Barnardo’s and would love it if you would sponsor me, which you can do through my online fundraising page. All donations gratefully received, along with pearls of wisdom! Who’s run the Brighton marathon before? What’s your top tip for a first time marathon runner?