Being ‘healthy’ is a prized attribute in our society, but what does being healthy actually mean? A huge wealth of information is fed to us on a daily basis concerning our diet and exercise habits; considering that most of this information comes from the health and fitness industry in a bid to get us to buy their product, it’s unsurprising that what we hear is often contradictory and confusing. It’s also hard to feel comfortable in your ‘fit and healthy’ self when society continues to praise an unrealistic image of beauty. With the fashion industry following size-zero-gate with child-model-gate, it’s hard to feel adequate when we’re being told that looking pre-pubescent is what’s most desirable. (For more on the recent rise of child models, read this brilliant article by the amazing Sian at Style Brief – http://style-brief.co.uk/2011/09/02/brief-debate-the-rise-of-the-under-age-model/).

So, what does ‘healthy’ mean to me? I think it means getting back to basics. Be realistic – eating a higher carb/protein ratio than was recently recommended by the latest author trying to sell you a diet plan is not going to shorten your life span. Not getting enough flax seed in your salad is not going to inflate your butt to planetary proportions. However, there are undisputed basics such as drinking water, moving around and eating plants that are fundamental to good health. It’s time to forget the fuss and simply live well.

This is where Operation Fit and Fabulous comes in. I was on my twitter some time last week when I saw a few tweets floating about mentioning this project, so I took myself over to @beachbumbeauty’s and found out what was going down. Operation Fit and Fabulous (I’ll call it fit and fab) is a three month initiative to get a group of women feeling in tip top shape. Jayne, Beach Bum Beauty herself, is setting us weekly missions to make sure we cover those all important basics – drinking enough water, eating your 5 a day and, most importantly, being kind to yourself. Life is too short to feel bad about the body you were born with. If this week has taught me anything, it’s that my body is an amazing thing – 13.1 miles and I was even smiling at the end! My legs may not be long and lean, but they’re bloody brilliant little buggers.

I have three main goal for fit and fab;

(1) To eat 1800 calories a day. I want to eat small regular meals to keep my energy up.

(2) Eat proper food. Less meal replacement bars, less protein shakes. Actual food!

(3) No more splenda. I’ve been carrying it round for years and pumping my body full of chemicals. It’s going to be hard to switch to sugar and start adding calories to my coffee, but it needs to be done. Real food!

I’ll let you know how I get on!

PrettyFit xxxx