On #currysintrojuicing

For the record, I had a lot of fun at the Currys juicing event last night. There were lots of pals there ( pals in real life is one of my favourite things about ging) and I even met some new pals too. We did a rad body conditioning class over at Urban Kings – it was full of sweaty topless men and smelt terrible (can’t decide if I loved or hated this) and Derry from Temple Training had put together a killer circuit. We did lots of burpees and it was cool. I also got to play with a juicer which I have never done before, which is pretty cool too.

Right in the middle with my teeny orange shorts. They were a mistake.

Did it change my mind about juice fasts? No.

Did it make me want to shop at Currys? Not really Currys in particular, no, but I think it’s great to see a big company reach out to people interested in health and fitness and pay attention to what they’re interested in.

Did it make me want a juicer? Yes – they are absolutely ferocious. I know if I owned one though I would break it by trying to pulverise non-juicable objects. Also, juice is delicious and I love the idea of being able to chuck in whatever I want. I juiced strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, green apple, carrot and spinach and it was delicious (yes I ignored the vegetables because vegetable juice is gross).

Did I have a lovely time? Yes, and I am grateful to both Currys and Greenlight for their hospitality. It was a well organised event and a great opportunity to meet lots of other gers. Thank you for having me!

Dabbling with the juicer (FYI: apples bounce up and down, you need to shut that shit down with the lid) (Photo courtesy of Charlie Watson)

It felt good to have made this myself.