NYR Update

Every year I have the same January resolution. To try and be more of a girl. I am such a tomboy and I periodically go through phases where I think I should do more girly things and try and be pretty. Here are some things that have happened this month in my pursuit of girlyness:

  • I had a bubble bath because girls love bubble baths. I made it too hot, and after trying to sit in it for a few minutes I panicked and had to get out and sit on the floor. Butt naked.
  • I did a face mask. It made my face itch but I persevered and managed to keep it on for the required time. I couldn’t see any difference and have no idea why girls do them.
  • I got some hair mousse and some rollers. No idea how to use the rollers but the hair mousse is actually quite good. Girl success.
  • I bought new underwear! It’s genuinely great.
  • I bought a skirt with lace and flowers on it. It feels kinda weird but people tell me it’s pretty so I guess it isn’t too bad.
  • I have been moisturising! Sometimes it makes me feel clammy though and I don’t like it.

So, mixed success.

How have you been getting on with your new year resolutions??