November | 2011

In the past week we have witnessed the tragic and premature demise of two people. These people were successful, widely admired, inspirational. Angie Dowds was best known as the personal trainer from The… Continue reading

I have officially been the worst ger in the world these last few weeks and for that I apologise. A mish-mash of coursework, exams and hospital visits has kept me well and truly… Continue reading

The lovely guys at Bio Synergy have very kindly sent me some of their Body Perfect supplement to test out – cue excited face; Body Perfect is a supplement designed to assist healthy… Continue reading

Everyone needs a treat in a while, and whilst it’s nice to have something a bit naughty it’s even better if you can keep it healthy. I tinkered around in the kitchen last… Continue reading

When I was younger I thought chocolate advent calendars were quite possibly the best ideas ever. You get to eat chocolate, every day, for a month. At breakfast. Wowweeee. These days, I’m not… Continue reading

Shoes? CHECK Funk? CHECK Nike? CHECK …sounds like all my favourite things are in place. For a bit of Friday Fun, check out this cool little video for the Nike Free Run+ shoe.… Continue reading

I have been waiting to try Bikram Yoga for a while and so you can imagine how excited I was to hear that Hot Bikram Yoga were opening a studio locally to me… Continue reading

In an ideal world we would get all the nutrients we need from our diet, but sometimes this isn’t always possible. Although supplementation is not a substitute for a healthy diet, it can… Continue reading

If you’re in need of a motivation boost at the end of the week, over the weekend or indeed at any time whatsoever, why not look at my Pinterest motivation board? I find… Continue reading

Kate Moss famously once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” The phrase has been bandied about by teenagers and pro-ana sites ever since and has become somewhat a motto for our… Continue reading