Nothing looks as good as healthy feels

Kate Moss famously once said,

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

The phrase has been bandied about by teenagers and pro-ana sites ever since and has become somewhat a motto for our skinny-obsessed generation. Size-zero-gate may have had it’s day as far as the tabloids are concerned but society’s current love affair with skin and bones rages on. I’m fed up of it. I’m going to take liberties and assume you’re fed up with it too.

FYI skirts look great when your legs are half decayed

Under-eating is bloody awful for you, but it’s shamelessly promoted. Diet foods are often promoted as ‘low calorie’ but are full of sugar, salt, additives, flavourings, E numbers, colouring, saturated fats… NOT good for you. Pumping your body full of junk like this will make you feel awful and it’s as simple as that. So why is the focus still on skinny and not healthy?

Eating an overly restrictive diet plays havoc with your body. Side effects of under-eating include feeling weak and lethargic, mood swings, depression, lack of focus, feeling withdrawn and isolated, hearing voices, a weak heart resulting in poor circulation, weak bones, increased risk of osteoporosis, obsessive-compulsive behaviour and er…weight gain (oh the irony). I could go on, but you get the picture. It’s bleak, and when you’re in this sort of state there’s no comfort to be found in your thin bony little body. Trust me, I know.


We need to stop looking at food as an enemy, and stop looking at our diets as restrictive. Eating the right foods is not a weight issue. Eating the right foods is a health issue. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about wanting to lose excess fat, tone your body and to look and feel great. I am all up for being strong, lean and toned but this is because it makes me feel good; I do it for me, not an outside social pressure. There’s a big difference between wanting to be the best version of yourself and wanting to be someone else (e.g. Alessandra Ambrosio).

This is why I propose a new phrase;

“Nothing looks as good as healthy feels”

I found it on the vacuum of time that is Pinterest (addicted. might have to delete the iphone app) and thought it summed up a healthy attitude perfectly. I don’t care how good you think size zero looks; it will never look as good as being healthy feels. Having energy in everything you do is beautiful. What would you rather do; sit at home feeling weak and sad, or go outside and play? Run around in the rain and swim in the sun. Walk to work with a smile on your face. Enjoy your meals, every little bit. Food is a true pleasure, not a guilty one.

Try it! Imagine the scene. It’s 3:30pm. Someone bought doughnuts and is merrily offering them around. They’re in front of you and said doughnut-offerer is smiling at you, holding the box in front of your face.

WHAT NOT TO THINK: “Better not, doughnuts will make me fat.”

WHAT TO THINK: “Hmm, it’s quite high in bad fats which will clog my arteries and there’s lots of sugar which makes me gaga, so I think I’d rather not – I know I’ll feel better for it” OR “I haven’t had a treat in a while and totally deserve a doughnut”.

Do not deprive yourself of something because you think it will make you fat. Either take a positive step to do something great for your body, or treat yourself. Occasional treats never hurt anyone and you should never feel guilty about them.

Give it a go! I guarantee you will feel a lot happier. It’s time to restore a healthy relationship with food and with our bodies. You are beautiful – remember it every day. For a reminder, just click here.

PrettyFit xxxx