Nike X Alex Monroe

The Tiffany finisher’s necklace at the Nike Women’s San Fran marathon is legendary in running circles. Mention of it is usually followed up by either “Totally worth running a marathon for” or “I heard fireman hand it to you when you cross the finish line…topless firemen”. I love a good medal as much as the next runner but a special limited edition girly necklace medal? That really gets my attention. Talk to me.

Nike kindly invited me along to a sunrise yoga session (taken by the lovely Jessica Skye aka Fat Buddha Yoga whose classes are highly recommended!) at Shoreditch house yesterday morning in honour of revealing this year’s We Own The Night finisher’s medal, which has been designed by top jewellery designer Alex Monroe. That is fancy. In fact, once I’ve got it in the bag I think this medal may qualify as the fanciest piece of jewellery I own (I am not that fancy). Alex came along and chatted to us about the development and design of the necklace, and explained that the design reflects the concept of the race being open to all abilities and encouraging everyone to get involved. He also said he wanted it to have a ‘medal’ quality when it’s handed over at the race, but also be a piece of jewellery that you can continue to wear and feel proud of your achievements. I love the concept behind it and think that the necklace itself is really lovely.

It also comes in a rather beautiful Libery print box (for those in the know it’s the Lora print, which is based on a 1970’s version of William Morris’ Willow pattern) so you can keep it safe and love it forever and ever.

I am a massive tom boy and even I am excited about this medal. Every finisher of We Own The Night will receive one, but if you can’t wait until then to see it the necklace will also be on display in Liberty from 7 April.

So, what do we think runner babes – pretty ey? Will I be seeing you at the start line?