Nike+ Women’s Virtual Half Marathon

Any ladies using Nike+ who’d like to run this with me?

January 15th 2012. 13.1 Miles. All over the world women will unite in running a half marathon, raising money for an amazing cause. Simply sign up to the challenge on Nike+ and sync the miles at any time on January 15th to be a part of it!

There are two ways to sign up;

(1) Head here and register; the registration fee is $40 (around £26) which goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. You’ll also receive an exclusive finishers’ bracelet designed by Hurley. You then just sign up to the Nike+ Challenge and sync your miles on the day!

(2) Simply sign up to the Nike+ challenge. You don’t have to pay but won’t contribute anything to the charity either, and of course there’s no finishers bracelet. You do however still get to part of something amazing!

I’m thinking of registering; I know it’s quite short notice and doesn’t give a whole lot of training time (OK, it’s 5 weeks) but I think it’s an amazing opportunity for women. In light of recent adverse publicity for women’s sport (SPOTY and Liz Jones, anyone?) it’s a great way to get out there and show the world how capable and incredible women are. Women of the world unite; fast, slow, alone or together.

If there are enough people interested then we could arrange some sort of group run on the day – plan a route around London and run it together. Who’s in?!

PrettyFit xxxx