New Nuun + Discount Code!

Staying hydrated is really important, especially in this amazing hot summer weather we have been having. Hydration doesn’t necessarily mean just water though – electrolytes are really important too to ensure you stay healthy. Electrolytes are helpful little critters that naturally occur in the body but are lost through sweat. They help to control fluid balance and blood pressure control and if you lose too many and don’t replace them you can become really ill, starting with cramps, headaches and fatigue but it can get more serious.

I learnt the importance of electrolytes first hand when I was out in Dubai. I’ve told this story on here before so I’ll keep it short, but running 18 miles or so in near 40 degree heat is no small feat and, unsurprisingly, requires a lot of rehydration. I flooded my system with water but no electrolytes and found myself with a migraine like a head vice, throwing up bile and unable to stand or talk. It was genuinely very frightening and I learnt my lessons about the importance of electrolytes in rehydration. Obviously this is an extreme situation but I have had less severe instances in the UK too. Just last week I was feeling exhausted and run down with a horrible recurring headache – I had 500ml on nuun and finally started to feel better (THEY DIDN’T EVEN PAY ME TO SAY THAT IT IS TRUE).

There are lots of different rehydration tablets on the market (I have also used High5 and gu tablets) but I like nuun because of the huge variety of flavours. I’ve been trying out some new (to me) flavours recently and am a big fan of cherry limeade and lemonade. I have always loved strawberry lemonade and lemon and lime will also always have a special place in my heart! If I am honest I’m less keen on grape – my least favourite. Each to their own!

nuun is sugar/carb free (and only 6-8 calories per tablet, if calories are your bag!) and so is perfect for use in rucksack water bladders. The lack of carbohydrates also means that the speed of absorption is a lot quicker – carbohydrates slow down the rate at which the stomach empties, delaying the absorption of water and electrolytes. nuun contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin B2, covering pretty much all the bases in terms of essential electrolytes needed for effective recovery. I’ll be honest, the design of the tubes is also pretty cute which makes me like them more (I’m sorry but it’s true).

In addition to kindly sending me some new flavours to try out, my friends at nuun have given me a lovely discount code for my readers. Use ‘beprettyfit15′ at the checkout of their online shop to receive 15% off your order! You can also click on the nuun logo to the right of any of my posts to go straight through to the nuun UK shop. I know, I am very kind and generous with my hyperlinks. Stock up fitness babes!