Neither Pretty or Fit

What’s in a name? When you think of a name for your , you might think of all sorts of things. What interests you, what’s your message, who are you reaching out to? When it came to naming my , I had a pretty clear idea of all of these things.

I started this to share my interest in fitness (mainly running), and to show how fitness could change your life beyond losing a bit of weight and discovering an ab or two. I wanted to demonstrate the positive impact fitness had had on my life and how it improved my mental health. I wanted there to be more examples of strong, healthy women in the media. I wanted to share my own story, of how I overcame my eating disorder by educating myself about nutrition and building self esteem through exercise.

While I was right in the midst of suffering with my eating disorder, I was a member of a site that purported to be a support forum for ED sufferers. I signed up with the hope of finding people to talk to who were in a similar situation to me, without having to confront my issues in real life. In reality, being a member of that site definitely fuelled my disordered behaviour, not only ‘normalising’ it but also providing me with ‘tips’ (low calorie foods, coping with hunger etc) and the opportunity to ‘buddy up’ with another sufferer for support.

This is a photo from my recent shoot with Greg Woodward. I’ve chosen it as my profile photo for the new because I think (hope!) it represents me well; strong and determined.

My eating disorder was my secret, and that site felt like my secret community. When Dayve did find out that I was using it, he helped me realise how damaging it was. In starting this , I wanted to create a space on the internet that was the antithesis of that site. That site was called Pretty Thin (only referring to it by name now because it’s been shut down) and I liked the idea of Pretty Fit for two reasons. (1) It referenced the old site, but was the healthier, fitter version, and (2) I hoped that somehow, people searching for Pretty Thin may come across Pretty Fit and would come across a very different, much more positive message.

I’ve been thinking for a while now about changing the name of the because, on face value, it doesn’t really represent me at all. While I have an ongoing obsession with skincare, I’ve never really been that in to make-up and have my haircut about once a year. I generally dress like a teenage boy and have zero interest in being ‘pretty’.  However, I just can’t think of anything else that sums up the message of my any better. Obviously, the has evolved over time and I feature a wider representation of my interests (fit fashion, races, cool events etc.) but my own personal ethos remains the same. I’m keeping the name because, when I consider it properly, nothing represents me or my journey better.

Other gers – I’d be interested in hearing how you decided to name your !