I think that music is a big part of training and, consequently, earphones are a key piece of training equipment. Choosing earphones, especially for runners, can be a bit of a nightmares, as… Continue reading

I’m sure you’ve heard all about this super cool new spin studio in town but I don’t care – I am going to tell you even more because it’s ACE and YOU SHOULD… Continue reading

For the Brighton marathon yesterday I asked everyone I knew for song suggestions to fill up my playlist and help me carry my friends around the course. I asked my Dad, who despite… Continue reading

I met the super lovely guys from Yurbuds UK at the Reading half Race Village and got chatting to them about their headphones. I had heard a lot about Yurbuds from other runners… Continue reading

You know what really gets my goat? The idea of ‘real’ or ‘proper’ runners. I love running (clearly) and on the whole I love other runners – I love chatting about race stories,… Continue reading

Music is a very personal thing and what motivates someone may not motivate someone else. Or ANYONE else for that matter. To me, this song epitomises determination. It may not make its way… Continue reading

Made epic by one of my favourite tracks ever. If I’m honest this track could probably make reverse parking or clean up your dog’s poo epic, but add it to a crisp sunny… Continue reading

Tonight I finally get to go back to my running family, Run Dem Crew. To celebrate, I thought I’d share this awesome RDC inspired video from run dem member Ed Skrein. Music to… Continue reading

So this week I endured the tedious task that is sorting out your iTunes. It was, on the whole, hellish, but a silver lining was to be found in the form of songs… Continue reading

Sorry I haven’t had much time to post recently – snowed under! Autumn is creeping in, night is descending FAR too early and it’s getting a little chilly. When the seasons change a… Continue reading