More Monday Motivation

Lost motivation can come out of boredom. Plodding the same route or pumping through the same body pump class can become tiresome and that’s when enthusiasm starts to wane. Continued motivation and enthusiasm for fitness comes from setting new challenges and trying new things. Whilst that could be something related to your current routine (I currently road run, so maybe I’ll enter a cross country race) it could also be completely different (I currently road run, so maybe I’ll try a circus skills trapeze class). Signing up for a class can be a good motivator – you’ve put your money down and you’ve made a commitment.

If you’re looking for a new class I’d really recommend using Fitness Freak. Fitness Freak is a recently launched website that allows you to search and book thousands of different classes across London (currently London only I’m afraid!). You can use the “surprise me” option to bring up all classes in your area, which is perfect for finding something new. The website links directly to the class providers booking system, which means availability is current and your booking goes straight through. Job done, easy as pie.

If you’re after a bigger challenge, the site also has an events sections, with fun fitness events like the Coast to Coast bike ride and the popular Wholefoods Breakfast Run.

The site also has a great magazine section filled with fitness products, undercover class reviews and ‘day in the life’ diaries of fitness pros. An ace way to wile away some spare time.