Mizuno Evo Collection

Check out this video explaining the concept behind the new Wave Evo collection, straight from the designers themselves. The concept of the shoe is built around midfoot running, following the recent move towards barefoot and minimalist running and away from heel striking. The shoe has a completely flat platform, which means that the foot lands completely flat and engages with the floor as you push off. The toe box is wider than in a traditional running shoe, allowing the toes to spread which in turn allows for increased balance and power. The shoe still incorporates Mizuno trademark Wave technology, which redirects and dissipates the force created when your foot hits the ground, forcing the impact away from your foot.

I love how Mizuno take inspiration from nature for their shoes and I feel this really embodies the current movement towards forefoot and midfoot striking and the increased uptake in minimalist and barefoot running. Wave technology is inspired by the quick and efficient energy distribution of natural waves, from sound waves to tidal waves. The new Evo collection is inspired by low and stable creatures like geckos, which have a wide spread and low stance; hence the wide toe box, zero drop and awesome lizard tongues!

First run this week, watch this space to get my first thoughts on the new collection!