May | 2013

I tweeted about these breakfast treats of mine yesterday and had quite a few requests for the recipe, so here it is! These are really easy to make, super healthy and very very… Continue reading

Recently I have been eating a whole lot of yoghurt. Sooo much yoghurt. The lovely guys at Chobani kindly sent me not one but TWO boxes of their finest fat free greek strained… Continue reading

Well that was fun wasn’t it?! Saturday was FINALLY the night we’ve been waiting for and it was time to OWN.THE.NIGHT. Nike know how to put a good event on and Saturday didn’t… Continue reading

This post discusses eating disorders. If you do or have previously suffered from an eating disorder you may find this post triggering.  I started running to lose weight. I read somewhere that running… Continue reading

OK, so I didn’t technically ‘beat’ Ellie Goulding at running. But I am going to lead with that because her half marathon time is 3 minutes quicker than mine and I am jealous.… Continue reading

One of my favourite new drinks for the summer! Green tea is full of anti-oxidants as well as being a proven fat burner and metabolism booster. It also has a small level of… Continue reading

One thing I was really excited about following the marathon was doing different things. Although I am a (very) keen runner I love fitness as a whole and doing just one thing can… Continue reading

I’ve been having an amazing time training for We Own The Night with Nike UK and am really enjoying training for a 10k rather than a marathon! Shorter, faster runs are really helping… Continue reading