May | 2012

We all know that we should limit our refined sugars and that they’re not very good for us blah blah blah – I will not repeat the ins and outs of ‘sugar crashes’… Continue reading

The launch of FRAME in Queen’s Park! I bloody love Frame Shoreditch (not being one to make an unsubstantiated claim, please see here for evidence) and can’t wait to head over and see… Continue reading

If you are aged between 16 and 22, based in London and fancy running with some like minded lovely individuals then your prayers have been answered. Please give thanks and continue reading. The… Continue reading

Protein bars are a very hit and miss area of sports nutrition. Whilst there are some great ones out there (I like Phd Diet Whey bars – find out why here) there are… Continue reading

NTC = Nike Training Club, which consists of a free iPhone app full of full body workouts and free classes held in Nike stores nationwide. The app is fantastic – you need no… Continue reading

I appreciate that this is my second post in recent times about a Nike product with a ‘twist’ related name. I know you’ll forgive me when you see these bad boys though… The… Continue reading

This weekend I volunteered to run as a support runner for the London to Brighton 100k challenge! It was amazing; beautiful scenery, gorgeous weather and lots of lovely friendly runners. My stretch was… Continue reading

I am a fan of two things. 1. Eating healthily 2. Eating sweets As you can see, these two things are pretty contradictory and the result is a mainly healthy diet with a… Continue reading

Running shorts are the bane of every female runner’s life. NOWHERE makes a decent pair of shorts that are both (a) practical and (b) stylish. No, not even stylish – shorts that don’t… Continue reading

Now that the Berlin half is done and dusted I am looking forward to getting a bit more variety into my fitness routine. I love running, don’t get me wrong, but I also… Continue reading